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Deploy a cost-effective collaboration and data management platform that will grow with your company.

  • Secure partner file sharing
  • Real-time management of large data sets
  • Native integrations with business and scientific applications
  • Easy upgrade path to a fully-validated, audit-ready environment for regulated data

Biotechs need tools that can produce better outcomes, whether it involves audit trails for compliance, managing terabytes of data, or improving workflows when working with CROs. Egnyte makes all that possible.

John Keilty
Venture Partner, Third Rock Ventures


Maintain the systems that make information accessible and secure, while supporting scalable solutions for growth.

  • Scalable collaboration and data management that supports business growth
  • Deployment simplicity and quick time to value
  • Ease of use and administration
  • Content-centric security to protect against data threats

We needed a solution that would augment our workflows to keep the drug development on track, regardless of the location of each team. I had come across Egnyte a couple of times and with a little more investigation saw greater potential than performance alone.

Robert Kuhn
Director, IT Infrastructure & Security, Travere Therapeutics


Ensure the right information is available where its needed through streamlined data collection and management.

  • Secure file sharing and collaboration with CROs, sites and partners
  • Automated workflows for data capture
  • Centralized repository for secure document access by decentralized teams
  • Real-time data transfer from lab instruments to the cloud

Egnyte is integral to our ability to automate much of our data management, which has made the often complex process of working with external partners much smoother, more reliable, and more efficient.

Rebecca Carazza
Head of Information Systems, Nimbus Therapeutics

Clinical / Compliance

Keep data collection from research or trials on pace and compliant, and ensure that all departments are working together.

  • GxP compliant portal for rapid validation
  • Part 11-compliant data collection that conform to existing workflows
  • Audit ready reports to support regulatory inspection
  • Controlled document management

We are putting all documentation submitted to FDA and other regulatory agencies in Egnyte, so that now and in the future, people know where to find the actual documentation that was given to the agencies for review.

Heather Wolff
Vice President, Clinical Development Operations, Decibel Therapeutics

One Unified Platform that Grows with Your Business

Fast Access to Large Files

Collaborate with CROs, Sites and Partners

  • Data access and sharing without downloading or using cumbersome VPN
  • Real-time availability for large file sets such as biostats, imaging, and sequencing data
  • Secure, one-way data collection from partners
  • Native integrations with Microsoft, Google and industry-specific apps
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Manage Data From the Lab to the Cloud

  • Large volume data collection and transfer to the cloud
  • Access instrument data from anywhere on any device
  • Automated alert to stakeholders when data is submitted, processed and deployed
  • Rich audit reporting on user activity and checksums
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Adhere to GxP Standards

  • Regulated environment accessible only to credentialed employees and external partners
  • Support for audit trails and checksums for data integrity
  • Validated systems with Part 11-compliant documents
  • Robust access controls to regulated data
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Manage Controlled Documentation

  • Central location for effective documentation
  • Multi-step review and approval workflows
  • Date-based auto promotion and archival of effective documents
  • Native Part 11-compliant e-signatures/li>
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Make eTMF Management Easy

  • Customizable DIA templates for quick and easy set-up
  • Central dashboard for tracking trial milestones
  • Detailed reports down to the country and site level
  • Automated eTMF imports and archival/li>
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  • Secure Collaboration with Partners
  • Workflow Orchestration
  • Authorized Access Controls
  • Data Management
  • Sensitive Data Discovery
  • Document Lifecycle Management
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  • GxP Compliance Portal
  • Validation as a Service
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  • eTMF management
  • Controlled Documentation and Training
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