GDPR and CCPA Compliance

Gain visibility and control over structured and unstructured personal data, across cloud and on-premises repositories
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Data Privacy Management and Compliance Dashboard - Simplify Compliance Regulations

All-In-One Solution For GDPR and CCPA

Govern Company Wide Data

Govern Company-Wide Data

  • Scan data across any repository
  • Classify and tag files containing personal information
  • Measure and report on privacy programs
Reduce Privacy Risk Exposure

Reduce Privacy Risk Exposure

  • Create and enforce privacy controls
  • Enable consumers to exercise their privacy rights
  • Improve audit defensibility
Achieve Compliance With Less Overhead

Achieve Compliance With Less Overhead

  • Apply 100s of pre-built compliance patterns with just one click
  • Scale up for new regulations and increasing consumer request volume, without adding cost or complexity
  • Leverage Egnyte’s deep industry expertise

The Egnyte Solution

Identify And Label Personal Data (PII)

Identify And Label Personal Data

  • Data Discovery: Locate personal data across structured, unstructured and semi-structured silos
  • Data Classification: Use AI to automatically attach metadata (tags or labels) to files, folders, or databases containing sensitive information
  • Data Mapping: Monitor data flows programmatically, and prioritize risks and mitigation activities
Control Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Control Personal Data

  • Purpose-Based Access Control: Establish granular, content- and context- aware access controls over personal data
  • Record Keeping: Maintain logs of who has accessed sensitive content, and what they did with it
  • Lifecycle Management: Delete content that is redundant, obsolete or trivial (ROT) and enforce “end of life” policies
  • PII Protection: Scramble, hash, encrypt, and over-write privileged PII
  • Localization: Restrict file storage and/or access to defined geographies
Fulfill PII Compliance Obligations

Fulfill Compliance Obligations

  • Incident Response: Swiftly assess whether an incident could trigger a breach disclosure and initiate a series of privacy-specific activities if required
  • SAR/DSAR Fulfillment: Automate intake and response for subject access requests
  • Consent Management: Provide transparency and choices over how personal data should be handled
  • Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs): Develop and track PIAs through predefined workflows

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Data Privacy Webinar with Jon Leibowitz

On September 13, 2022, Egnyte co-hosted a live virtual event with data privacy experts including former FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz. The discussion addressed the implications of recent and upcoming U.S. state and federal legislations. Watch the replay on demand.

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