Data Access Governance

Reduce risk and improve business processes by controlling users’ access to critical files, quickly and easily.​
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Egnyte Data Access Governance Solution

Key Risks Posed by Insiders​

Lack of Scalability​

Manual-based file and folder permission management is difficult to scale up to 100s of employees and millions of folders​

Lack of Visibility​

New, sensitive data files are created continuously across many locations
but IT staff lacks visibility to who should access it​

Striking the Right Balance​

Overly broad access puts sensitive information at risk, while too narrow access prevents employees from performing their jobs​

The Egnyte Solution​

Unified Dashboard

Unified Dashboard​

Get a summary of all relevant access permissions across folders. Sort and filter by folders containing sensitive data vs non-sensitive data.​

Permissions Alerts

Permissions Alerts​

Get alerted to permission risks and revoke permissions with a single click - or deactivate user accounts entirely. Export detailed permission reports for compliance review.​

Federated Data Ownership

Federated Data Ownership​

Scale permissions management by assigning Data Owners to manage granular permissions for specific folders, or sets of folders.  If unusual access is detected, Data Owners can be assigned workflows to verify if the use if legitimate.​

Powered by Egnyte AI

Powered by Egnyte AI

Learn more about Egnyte’s content intelligence engine, which includes:

  • GPT-powered models allowing users to "converse" with private data sets in natural language
  • Predictive models for content classification, entity extraction and unusual behavior detection
  • Connected workflows such as automated labeling, security issue remediation, and human-driven review/approval tasks

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