PDF Annotation and Editing

Preview, annotate, and edit PDF documents with a secure and intuitive solution built into the flow of work​
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Egnyte PDF Annotation

Common Challenges with Siloed PDF Software

Cumbersome User Experience​

Switching between interfaces disrupts the flow of business, hampering user productivity​

Data Sprawl​

Disconnected, standalone tools create data sprawl and impede effective search​

IT Cost and Complexity​

Standalone solutions add unnecessary IT cost and management overhead​

Egnyte’s Integrated PDF Solution​

Egnyte PDF Viewing

PDF Viewing​

Preview and navigate PDF documents effortlessly with thumbnails, outlines, search, zoom, and annotations for a smooth, user-friendly experience.

Egnyte PDF Annotation and Editing

PDF Annotation & Editing​

Choose from 30+ native annotation tools, edit PDF text and images, and apply or change existing styling or font sizes.

Egnyte PDF Page Manipulation

Page Manipulation​

Add, remove, rearrange, or merge pages easily by clicking or through drag-and-drop page thumbnails.​

Egnyte PDF Measurements


Streamline estimates via a fast, precise measurement tool. Set drawing scale, and measure distance, area, perimeters, and more with snap-to geometry.​

Egnyte PDF Comparison

PDF Comparison (coming soon!)​

Easily identify changes in drawings and documents with intuitive overlays, side-by-side comparisons, and semantic text differences in highlighted word pairs.

Simplify Document Approval with Egnyte Sign

Document Approval with Egnyte eSignature

Learn how to simplify document approval and validation with Egnyte's turnkey signature solution:​

  • Add signers and fields such as date, title and company to the most common document types (PDF, Word, Google Doc, etc.)
  • Specify due dates and signing order and provide reminders
  • Review digitally signed documents in a unified interface

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