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ISO 27001

Achieve and maintain ISO 27001 compliance faster and easier

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ISO 27001 Compliance Dashboard

Simplify and Streamline ISO 27001 Compliance

Control Data Risk

Control Data Risk

Cloud-native file server preconfigured to support ISO 27001 data controls required for:

  • Encryption
  • Security
  • Access Management
  • Audit
  • Monitoring
Reduce Compliance Costs and Data Exposure

Reduce Compliance Costs and Data Exposure

Built-in workflows to reduce compliance work around:

  • Documenting active controls 
  • Formalizing policies and procedures
  • Finding, storing, and archiving artifacts that are gathered during the compliance process
  • Monitoring policies for ongoing compliance
Formalize Your Audit Progress to Scale ISO 27001 Compliance

Formalize Your Audit Progress to Scale Compliance

Built-in compliance platform enables you to:

  • Measure and report on compliance progress
  • Stay updated and address new ISO standards and requirements as they are introduced
  • Address overlapping controls within other infosec standards and compliance patterns, without duplicating work efforts

The Egnyte Solution

Manage Content Assets Across Your Organization

Manage Content Assets Across Your Organization

Egnyte provides content intelligence and labeling across cloud (Microsoft, Google, AWS) and on-premises repositories. Supports compliance with A.8 requirements such as:  

  • Classification of Information (A.8.2.1): Solution applies consistent classification schema programmatically, to limit misclassification
  • Labeling of Information (A.8.2.2):  Automatically applies labels, watermarks, and stamps, and ensures labels are dynamically updated in accordance with changes in value, sensitivity, and criticality throughout the data lifecycle
Control Sensitive Data in the Cloud

Control Sensitive Data in the Cloud

Egnyte provides a secure data enclave with pre-configured settings to support compliance with ISO 27001 standards for Access Control (A.9), Operational Security (A.12), Incident Management (A.16), Data Protection (A.18), among other controls. These include inherited controls relevant to: 

  • File sharing and access
  • Log and event analysis
  • Automated audit and reporting
  • Granular permissioning
  • Backup and recovery
Simplify Control Planning and Documentation

Simplify Control Planning and Documentation

Egnyte provides built-in workflows and reporting to accelerate control planning and implementation, including:

  • An assessment dashboard to complete and track your compliance journey
  • Auto-populated ISO 27001 artifacts responses
  • External collaboration with auditors
  • Built-in, auditable review and approval workflows for artifacts
  • Versioning and access controls for artifacts
  • Easy integration with third-party project management tools

The Power of Many Tools In One Turnkey Platform

Egnyte has a complete solution to reduce administrative burden and complexity but the real difference is that it’s pre-integrated with dozens of other tools your business needs for content collaboration, ransomware protection and recovery, data privacy, compliance, insider threat prevention, and more.
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  • Secure file sharing
  • Ransomware protection
  • Integrations with leading apps
  • Real-time co-editing on web, desktop and mobile
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Everything in Business, Including:
  • Threat detection
  • Content safeguards
  • Lifecycle management
  • Advanced ransomware protection
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