Egnyte for Financial Services

Protect sensitive customer data and simplify regulatory compliance

A Unified Platform to Protect, Govern, and Share Data with Employees and Clients

Egnyte for Financial Services provides full visibility into mission-critical and sensitive information no matter where it resides - in cloud or physical locations. Monitor and report on data access and user permissions, and manage the lifecycle of regulated content, while substantially reducing risk of data loss.

One Simple, Secure Foundation
For All Your Sensitive Content

Secure and Manage Sensitive Content

Gain full visibility and control over file activity and user behavior.  Monitor and report on content access, permissions, and sensitive data like customer information, financial assets, and PII.

screenshot showing probable ransomware issue detected

Protect Against Ransomware

Lock down file access with a least-privilege, granular permissioning model, while employing signature and behavioral based ransomware detection.

Simplify Regulatory Compliance

Identify, categorize and automatically retain, archive, and delete sensitive content. Easily report on file access and activity to share with auditors.

dashboard for content classification policies
dashboard with collaboration options including manage folder permissions, share folder link, and more

Cultivate Collaboration

Confidently share large files between colleagues and clients and collaborate in real-time. Upload, access, and edit Egnyte files in the apps you love like DocuSign and Practifi.

Learn how IT leaders from two global financial institutions, Brookfield Properties and IK Investment Partners, use Egnyte to support—and secure—remote work.

Preferred by IT and Loved by End Users

Streamlined compliance monitoring and reporting

The biggest business accomplishment is the efficiency of freeing up IT resources. Without having to do the labor-intensive work of identifying sensitive content, IT can now concentrate on value-add projects.

Heather Lohnes

VP of Information Technology, Rockbridge

Keeping company and client data secure

We needed to have greater visibility of the type of data that we were holding and how it was being accessed. We also wanted to be alerted to unusual activity which is a big issue. Egnyte is giving us those alerts.

Jason Ozin


GDPR Compliance - From weeks to days.

We have had over 270 GDPR subject access requests. Before Egnyte, each request took three weeks to service. Now it takes as little as 2-3 days.

Dave Boxall

VP InfoSec & Engineering, Preqin

Egnyte for Financial Services

content intelligence engine diagram featuring data security, regulatory compliance, and more

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