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Egnyte + Salesforce

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Egnyte + Salesforce

Together, Egnyte and Salesforce provide a powerful integration that enables customer facing teams to access and share files and folders directly from their Salesforce records.

Egnyte serves as a unified repository to manage all customer documents, and organize them into account-specific folders, while sales teams continue to work in the same Salesforce screens they are comfortable with.

The integration eliminates the complexities of having multiple versions of presentations, proposals, and technical documents sprawled across different repositories, and helps sales teams more securely collaborate internally and externally.

With all the auditing, control, and security features that we need, Egnyte is a fantastic plug and play solution for us. Adding the Salesforce integration means Egnyte literally takes a load off our backs and allows us to concentrate on growing our business.”

Avi Rosenholtz
Avi Rosenholtzn
CTO, Cocoon

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