Egnyte for Salesforce

Enhance Collaboration & Productivity for Salesforce Users

Streamline & Increase Collaboration

With Egnyte for Salesforce, your teams can securely access and share files and folders in Egnyte, directly from the Salesforce application on any desktop client, Web browser or mobile app. This integration increases collaboration and responsiveness, streamlines operations and facilitates more meaningful customer engagements.

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Native Integration with Salesforce

Enable your teams to access and share files and folders directly from their Salesforce accounts. Egnyte for Salesforce gives you a single place to manage all of your customer documents and records, and keep them organized in customer-specific folders - all accessible from the Salesforce or Egnyte applications. It also eliminates the issues associated with having multiple versions of presentations, proposals and technical documents on different people’s hard drives.

  • Give your sales teams anytime, anywhere access to the files they need through the Egnyte Web interface, which is embedded within the Salesforce environment
  • Enhance collaboration by sharing Egnyte files and folders from Salesforce
  • Easily organize your client files with Egnyte folders created for each Salesforce lead, opportunity and customer record
Native Integration with Salesforce
Improve Collaboration

Improve Collaboration with Third-Party Integration

With Egnyte for Salesforce, users can access Google Apps and Microsoft Office directly from their Salesforce accounts. They can initiate a non-disclosure agreement at the same time from Salesforce, thanks to our DocuSign integration, and get it electronically executed. This integration makes it easy for sales teams to boost secure collaboration, both internally and externally.

  • Edit and share Microsoft Office files on a desktop, mobile device, or Web browser using Egnyte for Microsoft Office
  • Create a Google Doc and access it in Salesforce using Egnyte for Google Apps
  • Initiate electronic signature for documents within a Salesforce record using Egnyte for DocuSign

Access Salesforce Files Anywhere

Give your sales teams the ability to access, edit and share customer files on the go with the Egnyte mobile application or in the office on their laptops. With Egnyte Desktop Sync, any changes made to selected files via Egnyte applications will be automatically synchronized back to your users’ hard drives, which is great for those customer conference rooms that don’t have Internet access.

  • View and edit account files from a browser using the Egnyte Web UI
  • Get offline access to files on a Mac or PC using Egnyte Desktop Sync
  • Achieve full access on the go using the Egnyte Android, Windows and iOS applications
  • Ensure access is only to account-specific files, based on Salesforce permissions
Access Salesforce Files Anywhere

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