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Egnyte for Salesforce

Powerful Collaboration and Productivity for your Sales Teams
Streamline and Increase Collaboration with Salesforce Users

Streamline and Increase Collaboration

With Egnyte for Salesforce, your sales teams can securely access and share files and folders from any desktop, web browser, or mobile app. Seamless integration between the platforms increases collaboration and responsiveness, streamlines operations, and makes it easier to engage with customers.


Native Integration With Salesforce

Egnyte for Salesforce enables your teams to access and share files and folders directly from their Salesforce records. Having a single place to manage all customer documents and records, and organize them into customer-specific folders, eliminates the complexities of having multiple versions of presentations, proposals, and technical documents on different hard drives.

Give your sales teams anytime, anywhere access to the files they need through the Egnyte web interface, which is embedded within the Salesforce environment

  • Enhance collaboration by sharing Egnyte files and folders from Salesforce
  • Easily organize client files with Egnyte folders created for each Salesforce lead, opportunity, and customer record
  • Takes advantage of Egnyte’s security and compliance offering, ensuring sensitive data is protected
Improve Collaboration with Third-Party Integrations

Improve Collaboration with Third-Party Integrations

Egnyte for Salesforce allows you to access other apps directly from Salesforce, including Google Workspace and Microsoft O365. Plus, our many e-signature integrations allow you to initiate a non-disclosure agreement or other documents from Salesforce and execute it electronically. This helps sales teams boost secure collaboration, both internally and externally.

  • Edit and share Microsoft O365 files on a desktop, mobile device, or web browser using Egnyte for Microsoft Office
  • Create a Google Doc and access it in Salesforce using Egnyte for Google Apps
  • Initiate electronic signature for documents within a Salesforce record using Egnyte for DocuSign
Share Customer files Anywhere through the Egnyte Integration

Access Files Anywhere

Give your sales teams the ability to access, edit, and share customer files anywhere with the Egnyte Desktop App or Egnyte for iOS or Egnyte for Android mobile apps. Any changes made via Egnyte applications are automatically reflected in the Salesforce record through the Egnyte integration.

  • View and edit account files from a browser using the Egnyte Web UI.
  • Get offline access to files on a Mac or PC using the Egnyte Desktop App.
  • Achieve full access on the go using the Egnyte Android or iOS applications.
  • Ensure access is limited to account-specific files based on Salesforce permissions.

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