Building Safety Act Compliance

A secure and controlled environment automating the Golden Thread principle
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Egnyte's Golden Thread Safety Act Compliance Solution

Reduce the Time to Achieve Compliance

Establish a secure foundation for protection of your firm's most sensitive data.



Connect all document locations to enable policy-driven tagging, regardless of storage location.

  • Locate files from a central location with a familiar mapped drive
  • Automated discovery and classification of structural and fire life safety data content in your existing repositories
  • Continuous monitoring and auto-tagging BSA file


Manage project documents, access, policies, and threats

  • Set up Building Safety Act policies
  • Set retention period for 30 years or more 
  • Provide access to the Building Safety Regulator


Accelerate control planning and implementation

  • Locate all relevant content immediately
  • Automate compliance with AI-powered document discovery and classification
  • Ensure files are properly managed, controlled and retained


The Egnyte Difference

Egnyte's Centralized Governance Environment

Centralized Governance

  • Implement document intelligence across cloud and on-prem storage locations
  • Automate policy-driven discovery and retention for safety documents
  • Centralize the retention and archival of files for 30 years or beyond
Egnyte’s Data Discovery and Classification

Data Discovery and Classification

  • Deploy a built-in policy for compliance with Building Safety Act
  • Establish AI-powered policies for customized discovery needs
  • Gain deeper indexing of PDF, image, BIM and video file types
Egnyte’s Sensitive Content Dashboard


  • Obtain a comprehensive view of sensitive data across all repositories with Egnyte’s Sensitive Content Dashboard.
  • Run a host of reports and audits to track changes, gather essential information, and manage risk

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