Secure Collaboration

Secure Collaboration

Share files from any device with your co-workers, customers, and partners

Safely sharing files with customers, suppliers and partners can be challenging for many companies. Egnyte online file sharing combines the ease of use and flexibility both employees and partners want along with the security, visibility, and control IT needs.

Share files and collaborate with business partners

Secure, easy collaboration – Mitchell, a marketing manager from a high tech company, needs feedback from business partners on a marketing campaign. He needs to be able to securely access and share the files from his smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. Using Egnyte, Mitchell is able to share the campaign documents with the business partners via a secure email link. He configures the link so that the partners can access, view and download the files from various devices.

Share files from a mobile device

Collaborate at anytime, from anywhere – As the foreman for a construction company, Jane travels from site to site, and must be able to collaborate when she’s on the go. Jane travels with a mobile phone and a tablet. With the Egnyte mobile app, she is able to access her shared company files, in the cloud and on premises regardless of where they are physically stored. Jane is able to securely access, edit, and share files or folders from iOS, Android, or Windows Mobile devices.

Securely share confidential files

Keep sensitive files secure – Eva, a CFO of a high-tech company, is out of the office. Using Egnyte Storage Connect, Eva is able to remotely access, edit, and share on-premises confidential documents using password protected links. Neither the file nor its meta data ever goes through the cloud.

Maintain visibility and control over shared files

Always know what’s happening with company files – As an IT admin, Susan creates a secure, flexible, and scalable environment while having more visibility and control over how employees access and share files.

Using Egnyte Smart Reporting & Auditing, Susan is able to optimize policies and procedures around company security requirements, and gain insights into usage patterns using system-wide analytics.

Collect important information using upload links

Seamlessly collect and organize information – Mitchell wants to receive RFPs from vendors in a secure, well-organized file folder. Collecting RFPs via email or fax can put information at risk.

Mitchell uses the Egnyte Upload Link feature to request the RFPs. As each vendor uploads their file, the files are organized into secure separate per vendor folders. The information in the uploaded files remains confidential, as the vendors are not able to see what others have uploaded.