Egnyte + Google Cloud

Secure sensitive data amid a frictionless collaboration experience with Egnyte and Google Cloud. Automate discovery, control and protection of data wherever work happens to simplify compliance and security processes. Protect data across multi- and hybrid cloud environments, reduce attack surfaces, and enact better data governance — all from a single control panel.
Secure Data with Egnyte and Google Cloud

Secure Your Data with Egnyte and Google Cloud

With Egnyte and Google Cloud, businesses can adopt a multi-layer approach to securing sensitive data. Egnyte enhances the zero-trust core security capabilities of Google Cloud by enabling the discovery, management, policy enforcement, and security of sensitive data stored within those services, as well as across data stored in other repositories, clouds, and apps in customers’ multi/hybrid cloud environments.
Integrate Egnyte with Google Cloud

Integrating with Google

Egnyte and Google partner to provide powerful integrations that enable a seamless collaboration experience with Google Workspace, GMail, Google Chat and Google Drive. This partnership provides intuitive workflows for locating, opening, editing and managing Google Workspace files within in Egnyte’s Web UI, mobile app and desktop client, in addition to protecting your most sensitive data located inside your Google footprint.
Get Flexibility for Google Cloud with Egnyte

Get Flexibility with Egnyte

With Egnyte available through Google Cloud Marketplace, our joint customers can procure Egnyte solutions faster and easier while retiring their committed Google Cloud spend when purchasing Egnyte. Purchasing through the Google Cloud Marketplace allows customers to consolidate billing, simplifying procurement cycles, and creating a seamless buying process. Egnyte is available via private offer in the Google Marketplace.

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