Content Lifecycle Management​

Gain complete control and flexibility over content from data migration, retention, archival, and deletion
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Egnyte Content Lifecycle Management Solution

Common Content Lifecycle Management Challenges​

ROT-Ten Content

It’s not easy to assess what content is redundant, obsolete, trivial and stale (ROTS) content versus actually of value and relevant to the business

Resource Constraints

Routine file retention, archival, and deletion (RAD) tasks are a drain on skilled IT resources, which could be deployed on other projects

Risk Exposure

Inconsistent policies expose companies to risks such as regulatory violation and business disruption if the wrong file is moved or deleted

The Egnyte Solution​

Egnyte CLM: Unified Dashboard

Unified Dashboard

Identify redundant, obsolete, trivial and stale content that can be deleted to minimize risk and reduce risk surface area.

Egnyte CLM: Rule-Based Lifecycle Policies

Rule-Based Lifecycle Policies​

Specifiy archival rules based on content age, author, project, and folder location, and other criteria. Leave a stub file in the place of a file that is archived or deleted to alert business users.  

Egnyte CLM: Classification-Based Lifecycle Policies

Classification-Based Lifecycle Policies​

Use AI-based classification to automate the retention and archival of files based on defined criteria, and implement deletion based on a variety of safety and compliance measures.

Egnyte CLM: ROTS Management

ROTS Management​

Dedupe and declutter obsolete data, further mitigating security risks and reducing storage costs.

Powered by Egnyte AI

Powered by Egnyte AI

Learn more about Egnyte’s content intelligence engine, which includes:

  • GPT-powered models allowing users to "converse" with private data sets in natural language
  • Predictive models for content classification, entity extraction and unusual behavior detection
  • Connected workflows such as automated labeling, security issue remediation, and human-driven review/approval tasks

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