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Unleash productivity with our secure AI-powered interface grounded in your company’s data.
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Egnyte Copilot

Introducing Copilot from Egnyte

Drive productivity and innovation with a private and secure AI grounded in your company's data.
Quickly get answers to questions, surface insights, create summaries, and perform
actions via a simple, intuitive interface built into users’ flow of work.


Secure your data with stringent privacy, compliance, and security standards; the AI respects Egnyte’s governance model and adheres to user-specific permissions.


Receive answers grounded in your company data—accurate, relevant, and completely traceable, with full control over the data and prompts guiding the AI's responses.


Integrate our AI seamlessly into your existing workflows; no new tools or special skills required, and no need to move data from where it lives in Egnyte. 

The Egnyte Solution

Speed Information Retrieval | Egnyte Copilot

Speed Up Information Retrieval

Accelerate decision-making and innovation by quickly surfacing insights in your knowledge base.
Summarize Dense Files | Egnyte Copilot

Summarize Dense Files

Save time by summarizing large documents instantly.
Automated Content Creation | Egnyte Copilot

Brainstorm Ideas and Create First Drafts

Unleash creativity across the entire organization with automated idea generation and content creation.

Unleash the Intelligence of Your Entire Organization

Finance and HR

Pretrained solutions to surface meaningful AI answers from Finance and HR documents for end users, e.g. policies and procedures, handbooks, etc.
Finance and HR

Business and Legal Operations

Quickly access information buried in contracts, board documents, lease agreements, and more
Business and Legal Operations

Marketing and Creative

Transcribe audio and video files to streamline content creation and enhance searchability. ⁤⁤Gain crucial file insights with an embedded AI assistant
Marketing and Creative Teams

Sales and Support

Surface and summarize the latest information about company products, pricing and solutions
Sales and Support

Powered by The Egnyte Content Intelligence Engine​

Powered by The Egnyte Content Intelligence Engine

Learn more about what's inside Egnyte's AI engine including​​:

  • GPT-powered models allow users to "converse" with private data sets in natural language
  • Predictive models for content classification, entity extraction and unusual behavior detection
  • Connected workflows such as automated labeling, security issue remediation, and human-driven review/approval tasks

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