Egnyte Copilot (Beta)

Support and automate everyday tasks through an intuitive, conversational interface grounded in your company data​
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Egnyte Copilot

The Egnyte Difference


Ground AI responses in valuable and verifiable information – your company’s data

Easy to Use

Converse with Copilots using natural language commands from anywhere inside the Egnyte platform

Easy to Deploy

Leverage Egnyte's AI engine to process documents and optimize models for enhanced comprehension and accuracy

The Egnyte Solution

The Egnyte Copilot For Finance, IT and HR

Finance and HR

Pretrained solutions to surface meaningful AI answers from Finance and HR documents for end users, e.g. policies and procedures, handbooks, etc.

The Egnyte Copilot For Marketing and Creative Teams

Marketing and Creative Teams

Transcribe audio and video files to streamline content creation processes and improve search

The Egnyte Copilot For Sales and Support

Sales and Support

Surface and summarize the latest information about company products, pricing and solutions

The Egnyte Copilot For Business and Legal Operations

Business and Legal Operations

Quickly access information buried in contracts, board documents, lease agreements, and more

Secure and Trustworthy

Platform Architecture

Your data remains private, and is never stored outside your Egnyte environment

Data Controls

Egnyte's privacy, compliance and access controls limit what data Copilots can utilize


Ensure transparency and accountability by allowing users to trace Copilot answer back to their source

Powered by Egnyte AI

Powered by Egnyte AI

Learn more about Egnyte’s content intelligence engine, which includes:

  • GPT-powered models allowing users to "converse" with private data sets in natural language
  • Predictive models for content classification, entity extraction and unusual behavior detection
  • Connected workflows such as automated labeling, security issue remediation, and human-driven review/approval tasks

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