data migration

Data Migration

Learn about catalysts for data migration, like a need for increased performance, additional and…

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data confidentiality

Managing Data Confidentiality

See how investing in data confidentiality enables regulatory compliance and instills trust in…

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data standardization

Data Standardization: How It’s Done & Why…

See how data standardization and subsequent enforcement of data standards enable organizations to…

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data redundancy

What Is Data Redundancy?

See how to keep a keen eye on data redundancy and use it as an advantage, but continuously work…

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electronic health records

What Is an Electronic Health Record (EHR)?

See why physicians and staff agree almost universally that electronic health records save them…

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Pharmacokinetics plays a vital role in pharmacology for drug formulation; see how the principles…

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protected health information

What Is PHI?

Individuals share PHI to partake in healthcare services; see how PHI protection is a priority of…

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good manufacturing practice

What Is GMP?

See how GMP guidelines enable consistent product quality, help identify risks associated with…

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laboratory information management systems

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)

See how Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) streamlines a fundamental lab process…

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iq oq pq

A Guide to IQ, OQ, and PQ in FDA-Regulated…

See how OQ, IQ, and PQ provide a proven validation framework that enables the quality and safety…

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eu mdr

EU MDR: European Union Medical Device…

See how the EU MDR harmonizes requirements across the European Union and provides long-term…

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electronic data capture

Electronic Data Capture Fundamentals

See how electronic data capture systems improve information management and analysis and…

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21 cfr part 820

21 CFR Part 820

See how 21 CFR Part 820 has the added benefit of embedding GMP that enable safety and optimize…

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CDISC and CDISC Standards

Learn about CDISC, a non-profit organization that develops data standards for clinical data…

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