data storage

Data Storage

Learn the essentials of data storage and how data storage technology is available to meet nearly…

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good clinical practice

Good Clinical Practice

See how Good Clinical Practice guides studies to ensure that the highest quality data is…

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electronic consent

Electronic Consent: Definition and How It Works

Learn about electronic consent, considered safe and effective in protecting subjects’ rights in…

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See how understanding, implementing, and maintaining GxP standards is an effective way to provide…

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good laboratory practice

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

See how GLP principles and fundamental requirements provide the foundation for laboratories to…

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data manipulation

18 Data Manipulation Tips

Data manipulation changes the presentation and organization of data. Get data manipulation tips…

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data reporting

Data Reporting

See how to develop and follow proven processes, use accurate raw data, and leverage software…

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credential stuffing

Credential Stuffing

Learn about credential stuffing, a type of multi-layer cyberattack that “stuffs” stolen usernames…

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ecoa clinical trials

What Is eCOA? Improving Clinical Trial Data…

Learn about eCOA and how it improves clinical data quality, with benefits that include generating…

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What Is an eCRF?

Learn what an eCRF is and see how the transition to eCRFs is driven by the time they save and the…

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electronic laboratory notebook

How to Select an Electronic Laboratory Notebook

See how electronic laboratory notebooks can provide a strategic and competitive edge by up-…

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What Is an eTMF?

See how the improvements and cost savings in the lifecycle of a clinical trial far outweigh the…

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ransomware protection

Ransomware Protection

See why ransomware protection must take into account all components of an organization’s IT…

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What Is Cryptojacking? Prevention, Detection,…

The threat of cryptojacking extends from petty thieves to global crime syndicates; read this…

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