Egnyte Document Room

Protect and manage highly sensitive business information.


Document Rooms

Unified Document Management and Control

Granular Access Control

Define and manage access permissions for different users, limiting who can view, download, print, or edit particular documents.

Deal Cycle Acceleration

Reporting and Analytics

Gain real-time insights into user behavior and document access patterns, and notifications when someone accesses or makes changes to files.

Secure Data Analytics Insights

Proactive Security

Protect against data breaches with encryption, multi-factor authentication, SSO, AD integration, audit trails, and anomalous behavior detection.

Secure Sensitive Data Protection

Specialized Capabilities For Your Use Cases

Manage mergers and acquisitions, asset sales, Board documentation, and sensitive corporate IP in a secure data enclave.

Confidential Document Sharing
New Feature Spotlight

GenAI-Powered Assistants

  • Use Large Language Models to save analysts time on deal diligence
  • Save time searching — ask a question in natural language and get an answer immediately
  • Secure and confidential — no data stored outside your private environment, ever
  • Egnyte’s granular permission model ensures a user’s AI assistant never has access to more data than that user does
AI-Powered Secure Document Room: Protect, Control Sensitive Data

Plans for Companies of All Sizes

Document Room

  • Granular access control
  • Insights dashboard and reports
  • Robust security
  • Customized branding
  • Unlimited Document Rooms
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Document Room Enterprise

Everything in Document Room, Plus:
  • AI-powered content classification
  • Content sharing safeguards
  • Compliance workflows
  • File snapshot and recovery
  • Audit and breach reporting
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Popular Document Room Solution Add-Ons

PDF Annotator

Open, preview and markup PDFs directly in Egnyte’s Web UI.

InfoSec and Privacy Control Frameworks

Simplify and streamline compliance documentation.

Snapshot and Recovery

Restore large file and folder structures in minutes.

Trusted By Over 22,000+ Companies

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