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Rapidly detect and respond to ransomware attacks and protect your sensitive data with behavioral and signature-based detection—all in a single platform.
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Detect & Mitigate Your Ransomware Risk

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Centralize visibility and access to sensitive data

Reduce Content Exposure

Centralize visibility and access to sensitive data


  • Two-factor authentication
  • Geo-IP controls
  • Minimize data exposure
  • Data-driven access
Detect both new and known ransomware signatures

Protect Against Variants

Detect both new and known ransomware signatures


  • Unusual behavior detection
  • Presence of ransom-notes
  • Zero-day Monitoring
  • Ransomware signatures
Cut Back on Downtime Costs

Cut Back on Downtime Costs

Bounce back faster with less disruption


  • Breach reporting
  • Data classification
  • (contracts and regulations)
  • Metadata descriptions

Peace of Mind Against Ransomware Attacks

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Prevention Against Ransomware

  • Lock down file access with granular, least-privilege permission controls and two-factor authentication.
  • Apply out-of-the-box classification patterns to locate and classify files containing sensitive information.
  • Minimize traffic flows to sensitive data in advance, with only a few clicks.
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Detect Ransomware

  • Utilize signature-based detection to scan your folders and flag files and patterns associated with ransomware.
  • Identify previously unknown ransomware variants with behavioral analytics.
  • Access the latest, cloud-based release without worrying about maintenance.
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Recover from Ransomware

  • Speed investigation and simplify recovery with an audit trail of compromised users, files, and data subjects/sensitive data.
  • Recover smarter. Roll back access judiciously across your entire organization.
  • Comply with GDPR notification requirements with built-in breach reporting.
dashboard showing overall ransomware risk score

An Expert Team Behind You

  • Count on the latest advances in data protection and ransomware detection with a dedicated team of experts.
  • Leverage proprietary machine learning models designed and trained specifically to fight ransomware.
  • Rely on fast-acting partners that ensure a smooth recovery.

Faster Time to Value

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Egnyte Customers Don’t Pay Ransom

  • Classify content and set granular permissions to restrict access to sensitive data
  • Receive alerts and take action when ransomware is detected
  • Recover faster with safe, encrypted versions of compromised files

The Power of Many Tools In One Turnkey Platform

Egnyte has a complete solution for ransomware prevention, detection and recovery, but the real difference is that it’s pre-integrated with dozens of other tools your business needs for content collaboration, data privacy, compliance, insider threat prevention, and more.
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  • Secure file sharing
  • Ransomware protection
  • Integrations with leading apps
  • Real-time co-editing on web, desktop and mobile
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Everything in Business, Including:
  • Threat detection
  • Content safeguards
  • Lifecycle management
  • Advanced ransomware protection
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