Insider Risk Management

Reduce data risk caused by accidental or malicious user actions, with automated sensors and mitigation​
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Egnyte Insider Risk Management Solution

Key Risks Posed by Insiders​

Compromised Accounts

Bad actors may collect passwords used across business and personal accounts, or trick users into sharing credentials

User Carelessness​

Users may mistakenly share links to sensitive documents or destroy important information accidentally​

Malicious User Actions

Users may intentionally sabotage or exfiltrate data for either personal reasons or financial gain​

The Egnyte Solution​

Detect Unusual User Behavior

Detect Unusual User Behavior​

Get alerted when there is an unusual volume of file access beyond normal behaviour, as well as unusual login locations and impossible travel between logins. If detected, Egnyte can block access or suspend an account.​

Prevent & Protect Against Malware

Prevent & Protect Against Malware​

Executable malware cannot run in Egnyte's domain. Egnyte protects by automatically scanning all uploaded files for malware and quarantining suspicious files for review. Egnyte even detects artifacts such as increased file entropy or file accesses that may indicate a ransomware attack that eluded signature-based detection.

Built-In Safeguards

Built-In Safeguards​

Apply data-centric controls to restrict sharing and download of sensitive data by insiders. Options include: ”view only” permissions, safeguard policies to block creation of public links to sensitive information, watermarking, and more. Automatic versioning and snapshots further protect data in the event of a deletion or extortion incident.

Powered by Egnyte AI

Powered by Egnyte AI

Learn more about Egnyte’s content intelligence engine, which includes:

  • GPT-powered models allowing users to "converse" with private data sets in natural language
  • Predictive models for content classification, entity extraction and unusual behavior detection
  • Connected workflows such as automated labeling, security issue remediation, and human-driven review/approval tasks

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