Large File Sharing & Collaboration

Fast, secure file sharing regardless of file size and location.

Secure Large File Sharing and Access

More Efficient Large File Collaboration.
Less Time Wasted.

Sharing large files or massive folders can be a huge pain. Egnyte makes it easier. Access,
share, and collaborate on large files from any device and location. Rely on faster file
syncing. And make external sharing seamless.

Access, share, and collaborate on large files

Access Anywhere

Access, share, and collaborate on large files from any device and location. Even at offices with unstable or limited connectivity.

Sync Files Faster

Sync Faster

Syncing happens behind the scenes and only for the parts of files that are changed. Use less bandwidth and spend less time waiting for changes to sync.

Share Large Files Externally Easily

Share Externally Easily

Make it easier to share large files internally or externally. Manage file access with unique download links, or request files using upload folders.

390% Return On Investment

Total Economic Impact™ of Egnyte On average customers achieve

  • $1.3M in reduced infrastructure maintenance costs
  • $1.2M in employee productivity gains
  • $847K in increased project efficiency

And much more.

Collaboration, Simplified

Trusted by Over 17,000 Businesses Worldwide

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Collaboration Without the Constraints

Flexible, Secure Large File Access

Access project files like media or design files anywhere and on any device, and even within third-party apps like Slack or Teams. Or, sync files for offline access. Governance built into the core of the platform means IT maintains control over files regardless of where they’re shared.

Flexible, Secure Large File Access

Optimized Network Performance, Even at Remote Work Sites

Eliminate performance issues by automatically caching frequently accessed files to remote locations. Unlike cloud-only solutions, with Egnyte, unstable connectivity or internet outages won’t impact users’ productivity.

Optimized Network Performance
Optimized Network Performance

Safer and Easier Large File Sharing

Use a secure solution for large file sharing instead of a consumer-grade option. Download links remove file size limitations, so you can safely share large files even over email. Or, collect files from external parties using upload folders. Allow users to share what they need, while giving IT more control.

Share Large Files More Safely and Easily

Faster Syncing. Less Time Waiting.

With Egnyte, there’s no need to sync entire files when making updates. Egnyte syncs behind the scenes at the block level, looking only at the parts of files that are changed. Use less bandwidth at remote work sites, spend less time waiting for syncing to happen, and get back to work faster.

FTP/SFTP Elimination

Egnyte runs in the cloud and is up in seconds. Retire separate servers that require time, effort, and maintenance costs. Content within Egnyte is fully encrypted. Schedule automated bulk file transfers for sensitive content to maintain compliance without the hassle.

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From a Single Platform, Egnyte Enables

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