Large File Collaboration

Co-edit and share large files worry-free, regardless of location, device and document size.

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Boost Productivity With Efficient Large File Collaboration

Sharing large files and massive folders can be a huge pain - especially in industries like Construction, Life Sciences and Media, whose lifeblood revolves around collaborating on high-value, large documents across distributed teams. Egnyte’s unified, secure content governance platform makes it easy to access, share and collaborate on large files from any device and location.

Access, share, and collaborate on large files from any device and location. Even at offices or jobsites with unstable or limited connectivity.

Sync large files efficiently without slowing productivity, using less bandwidth and spending less time waiting for changes to sync.

Remain in control while sharing large files externally with unique, password - protected download links and upload folders.

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Large File Collaboration Without the Constraints

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Secure Access

Access large project documents like media and design files anywhere and on any device, and even within third-party apps like Procore, Slack or Microsoft Teams. In areas of limited bandwidth, sync files for immediate offline access.

Intelligent File Cache

Eliminate performance issues by automatically caching frequently accessed files in remote, limited bandwidth locations. Sync only the edited parts of files to the cloud, to conserve bandwidth, while spending less time waiting for the document you need.

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Large File Collaboration

Password-protected download links remove file size limitations, so you can safely share large files even over email. Securely collect files from external parties using upload folders - your partners only see files in their assigned folders.

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Sensitive Data Protection

Get alerted to unusual or out-of-policy file access or sharing. Automatically restrict permissions or limit external sharing of sensitive or at-risk files. Recover files instantly in the event of a ransomware attack or accidental deletion.

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