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Large File Collaboration

Locate, share and co-edit large files worry-free, regardless of location, device or document size

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Secure Enclaves for Sensitive Content

Accelerate Work With Very Large Files

Fast & Easy sharing to AEC BIM files, Drone footage,3-D point cloud data

Architecture, Engineering and Construction

  • BIM files (DWG, IFC, RVT, NWD)
  • Drone footage
  • 3-D point cloud data (OBJ, PLY, PCD)
Easily Share Large Media and Design Files

Media & Design

  • High-resolution imagery
  • Video files
  • Digital audio files
  • Graphic design files (AI, SVG, CDR)
Securely Share Large Files of Life Sciences

Life Sciences

  • Lab instrument data
  • Biological data
  • Microscopy imaging
  • DNA and protein sequences

The Egnyte Solution

VPN Not Required

Ease of Use

  • Share with links instead of attachments
  • Preview files prior to access
  • Mapped drive access experience
  • Access files from Egnyte directly within Procore, Autodesk, Adobe and other large file apps
Performance For Hybrid Workers

File Access

  • Local storage for quick access to large files
  • Edits to files automatically sync to the cloud
  • Delta sync updates only the altered parts of a file
  • Intelligently select files/folders to store locally
Secure Collaboration

Secure Collaboration

  • Global file locking regardless of file access point
  • Automated file versioning helps avoid file-change conflicts

Boosting Productivity With Efficient Large File Collaboration

A Modern File Solution in the Cloud

Why SharePoint and OneDrive Don’t Work for Creative Agencies

Egnyte’s platform enables users to collaborate on large files without the headaches of slow access times, congested networks and loss of version control.

Read how Life Science firms are streamlining collaboration in clinical programs by using Egnyte to share large genomics files with CROs.

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