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The Egnyte Platform At A Glance

All-In-One Cloud Content Governance

User Access

Identity-aware, controlled access and sharing. Anytime, anywhere.

  • Access company files via secure web, desktop, tablet, and mobile apps, as well as when working within third-party cloud services like Slack, Salesforce, Gmail, and Teams
  • New! Co-edit Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files using the respective desktop apps and store them alongside all your other files
  • Share files easily and securely while monitoring and controlling future downstream data use or resharing
  • Manage appropriate access to unstructured data based on role, location, and security tags
  • Granular, person-level folder and file permissions, so there’s never a need to grant excessive trust to groups, devices, IP address or network locations, or over-rely on VPNs
  • Optimized to accelerate read and write both in the office and on-the-go
Learn how Egnyte supports remote work

“Egnyte allows colleagues to instantly access files on their tablets and mobiles. They’re not chained to their laptops and can work anywhere. At the same time, we don’t get any more requests for VPN access–which gives IT one less thing to manage or worry about.”

Robert Kuhn
Robert Kuhn
Director, IT Infrastructure and Security

Lifecycle Management

Intelligently manage the entire file lifecycle, from creation and active usage to archival and removal.

  • Automatically move large files in active usage to the edge for better performance
  • When it’s time for archival, move data to public-cloud-based object storage with a few keystrokes
  • Retain and delete files according to global policies, including company-, vertical-, and content-type specific settings
  • Identify and permanently purge redundant, obsolete, and trivial data with minimal admin intervention (or even none at all)
  • Restore files and versions that have been mistakenly deleted by end users

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“With Egnyte, BuzzFeed was able to meet requirements for data governance, without disrupting content creation and workflow. Egnyte lets us be smarter about our content, which makes us smarter about our business.”

Jason Reich
Jason Reich
Director of Global Security

Data Security

Locate sensitive information and unusual behaviors, encrypt files, and prevent data theft.

  • Sensitive content discovery provides unrivaled visibility across cloud repositories and apps, device storage, and on-prem file shares
  • Behavioral analytics monitors viewing, uploading, editing, sharing, deletion and more - at a company, team and individual level
  • Anomaly detection and alerting to reduce insider threat risk
  • Automated ransomware detection and workflows to mitigate damage if infected
  • Automated safeguards to manage the flow of information, such as via email, out of bounds
  • New! Advanced encryption to keep files secured even if they get downloaded by unintended parties
  • Machine learning-based risk scoring escalates the biggest threats based from day one, and then learns and adapts to your organization
  • New! Discover sensitive and regulated content in Exchange Online and Server emails and attachments to minimize risk exposure
Discover Egnyte’s Content Intelligence Engine

“Egnyte has transformed how we manage security and governance. We can see and manage who accessed what files and from where, and we’ve eliminated any risk of project files getting accidentally deleted or moved.”

Chris Betlach
Chris Betlach
Director of IT

Regulatory Compliance

Locate and classify files quickly and automate reporting.

  • Machine learning-based content classification with over 500 sensitive data patterns for PII, PHI, and more
  • Preconfigured compliance templates for over 50 jurisdictions around the world
  • Entity extraction to identify personal information buried in files (across multiple storage locations)
  • Automated workflows to ensure proper handling of personal data, and respond to subject access requests and breach notification requirements within the timeframes prescribed by law
  • Automated compliance report generation and alerting
Learn how Egnyte supports regulatory compliance

“We have restricted information that we’re required to protect, not only from a SEC regulatory perspective but also for HIPAA compliance and HR. Egnyte reduces processing time from 40 hours a week to 10.”

Heather Lohnes
Heather Lohnes
VP of Information Technology

Business Process

Institute scalable, repeatable process controls across systems and teams.

  • Streamline operations with built-in review and approval workflows
  • Ensure no data leakage in content-rich workflows, even when numerous teams and third-party tools are involved
  • Support for industry-specific file types and business requirements, from construction and engineering, to life sciences, and digital media
  • Pre-built templates for common processes and project types
Explore Egnyte’s integrations

“The benefits of Egnyte have touched our entire organization from tremendous cost and time efficiencies, to creating a smarter workflow for teams.”

Thomas Volmer
Thomas Volmer
Director of IT

Integrations & APIs

Govern content across repositories and build custom workflows with open APIs.

  • Incorporate into existing workflows with integrations like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Zoom, Procore, PlanGrid, and Science Exchange
  • New! Discover, classify, and remediate regulated and sensitive content in Microsoft 365 to reduce the overall risk exposure
  • New! Bring Egnyte inside your cloud-based virtual desktop environment to optimize network costs and provide native access to applications
  • Store, archive, and access content from public clouds like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Create custom applications while leveraging core platform features
  • Tap into the developer community with robust documentation and support
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“We needed to maintain control of our files, which means that we wanted all of that in our AWS environment. The integration that Egnyte has with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office is also a huge productivity gain for our employees.”

Vimal Thomas
Vimal Thomas
Vice President, Information Technology

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40% of CIOs are concerned about increased risks of data breaches and leaks.

With so much sensitive data hidden within unstructured content and sprawled across files, folders, devices, and different apps, the risk is higher than ever. We surveyed 400 CIOs and found serious concerns about the future of data governance and protection.

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