Jobsite Collaboration for Subcontractors
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The right solution for optimizing jobsite productivity

Now you can boost content collaboration and data security at the jobsite - even with slow or inconsistent connectivity. No file is too big and no site is too remote. Reduce revision times, save money and deliver real-time access to specs, schematics and designs for every project.

Are your foremen spending too much time in the trailer instead of the field?

Prevent them from having to run back and forth to the trailer when communicating changes to the project manager. Instead, they can seamlessly access and markup files from mobile devices right from the jobsite and without the need to go back to the trailer.

Spending Too Much Time in the Trailer
Pms and Superintendents

Are your PMs and Superintendents having trouble managing changes from multiple projects?

Legacy technology makes it difficult for them to address changes to drawings, specs, change orders, etc at other locations. It gets worse when that same technology can’t reliably sync the latest file versions between locations.

You can solve this by deploying a single virtual repository that provides secure VPN-less access from anywhere while delivering real-time updates to files for any project from any location.

Does limited wifi impact your jobsite productivity?

Almost every jobsite has to deal with some large areas, metal buildings, or basements, which can wreak havoc on wifi connectivity. This in turn prevents access to critical files.

Eliminate this problem by syncing files to laptops or mobile devices for offline access. Changes to files are automatically synced back to the Egnyte cloud when in wifi or cellular range.

Limited Wifi
Waiting for Files

How much time are your people wasting waiting for files to sync to the cloud?

Slow internet speeds at the jobsite are often the norm and can lead to lost productivity waiting on data to sync to a cloud-only provider when working with Revit models and large PDFs onsite.

Instead cache project files at the jobsite and get super fast LAN speed performance and only sync the changed parts of files back to the cloud. Less time, less bandwidth, and better productivity.

Do you require a VPN when communicating with remote offices?

Sure, VPNs provide secure communication links, but they are a hassle to deploy, administer, and use. Instead get modern content platform that still provides secure access to all content without the complications or costs of a VPN.

Communicating With Remote Offices
Industry Applications

Can your current solution seamlessly integrate with industry applications?

Workflow apps from Autodesk, Bluebeam, PlanGrid, and others are invaluable to your projects, but they often have their own storage repository and access controls, which leads to data silos, increased administration, and more security risks.

The better approach is to deploy a secure content platform that tightly integrates with these workflow apps, which eliminates the data silos, transforms file sharing into project collaboration, simplifies IT infrastructure, and contains costs.

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