Easily Locate Info in Project Specs

Try Smart Spec, a complimentary automated solution that allows you to:

  • Turn a project specification into a parsed-out, hyperlinked smart document
  • Quickly jump to any section of the spec via the hyperlinks
  • Reference dynamic lists of submittals, products, and warranties
  • Easily share specifications with your team
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Work Smarter, Not Harder

Reduce rework in the field and develop more accurate bids in the office by automatically parsing project specifications so you, and your team, can find the information you need quickly.

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Steve MaddenNimbus Therapeutics BioNtech Brasfield & Gorrie
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Supercharge Your Project Specifications

Shorten the Time it Takes to Find Information

  • Allow users to jump to the right section quickly with a hyperlinked table of contents
  • Easily extract key components, including submittals and warranty terms
  • Share specs with your project teams
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Reduce Rework In The Field 

  • Save on re-work time due to missing information or following the wrong procedure
  • Benefit from pre-built lists to quickly compile submittal logs, product details, and warranty requirements
  • Ensure everyone is working off the same spec regardless of location
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Provide More Accurate Bids and Easily Track Assigned Work

  • Quickly find material specifications by category
  • Review all submittals in one location
  • Fast access to all warranty requirements
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What is a project specification?

Specifications are written requirements for a construction project including how the project will be administered contractually, and materials, means and methods. They are often long, detailed, and complex documents depending on the scope of the project.

What kinds of files does Smart Spec support?

Smart Spec supports PDF files less than 100 MB. Specifications must be in 6-digit CSI MasterFormat.

How many project specifications can I upload ?

You can upload a total of 25 project specifications in the free version of Smart Spec.

How long do I have access to my Smart Spec? What do I do when access expires?

Your Smart Spec will be active for 90 days from the time you upload it. At the end of 90 days you will need to re-upload the project specification. If you share the Smart Spec link with someone else they will have access to it during the same window of time that you do.

Can I share my Smart Spec?

Yes, you can. Click on the share button and enter the email address of anyone you want to share it with. They will be sent an email to register so they can view the Smart Spec.

I am an Egnyte customer. Can I use Smart Spec within my Egnyte platform?

No, not yet. Smart Spec will be available as part of the Egnyte Project Controller Add-On later in 2024.

How does Smart Spec work?

Egnyte automatically parses your specification by spec section, and intelligently extracts and surfaces key pieces of information that are important to you. This enables users to quickly find the information that is relevant to them, without having to manually search through hundreds or thousands of pages.

Where will my data be processed and stored?

All files uploaded to Smart Spec will be processed and stored in US data centers. For additional information please consult the terms and conditions.

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Supercharge Your Project Specifications With Smart Spec

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