Egnyte Desktop App

Accelerate Productivity With Universal Access to All Your Content

Work without boundaries

Access, share, and collaborate on all your content whether you’re online or offline, in the office or at a remote location.

example of how to access files and folders both online and offline

Universal access to your content using a single app

You can see all your content right on your desktop, without filling up the space on your hard drive. It’s easy to find the content you need. Your desktop looks like a familiar mounted drive in Windows File Explorer or macOS Finder.

Sharing files with Egnyte is easy. Just simply right-click on the file or folder. It works the same way when you share Egnyte content using any business productivity app.

Collaborate when online or offline

No matter if you have Internet connectivity or not, you have access to your content.

When you’re online, it's business as usual, and you can share, edit, and collaborate on all your content.

When you’re offline, the content that you marked for offline access will be on your desktop. Any file changes will automatically sync to the cloud when you’re back online.

If your computer is ever lost, stolen or damaged, or if you want to work on files from your home computer, no worries. Simply make sure that your content is also backed-up in the cloud with Egnyte.

The fastest way to get your content

Just pick a file and let the desktop app intelligently select the fastest way to retrieve it, so you can get your work done instead of searching for information. This also helps IT to save on bandwidth costs.

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