structured data

Structured vs Unstructured Data

See why when considering structured vs. unstructured data, there are many use cases where it's…

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data management software

Data Management Software Guide

Learn why all organizations are encouraged to use data management software and how it helps them…

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data backup

Data Backup: Definition, Options, and…

See why developing and implementing data backup policies will ensure data availability,…

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insider threat indicators

Insider Threat Indicators

Learn why efforts to improve cybersecurity are unceasing. IT teams spend vast amounts of time…

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sensitive data

What Is Sensitive Data?

See why, despite the massive volumes of information being collected and produced, organizations…

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The California Privacy Rights Act of 2020

See how when woven into the fabric of a business, privacy protections such as the CPRA, represent…

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compliance audit

Compliance Audit Guide

Learn how a compliance audit provides an opportunity for organizations to identify…

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fedramp high

FedRAMP High, Moderate, and Low Security…

See why FedRAMP high is, arguably, the most rigorous software-as-a-service certification in the…

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data breach cost

The Cost of a Data Breach

See why a strong defensive security posture remains the best way to minimize the cost of a data…

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data security

What Is Data Security?

See why since every organization creates, collects, stores, and uses information; data security…

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file storage

Cloud File Storage

See how file storage provides the technology needed to make data readily available and why file…

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data sampling

Data Sampling

Learn how data sampling plays a crucial role in determining the validity of an outcome in…

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gdpr compliance

GDPR Compliance Guide

See why GDPR compliance is considered to be the toughest privacy and security regulation in the…

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data governance tool

Selecting the Best Data Governance Tool

Learn why a data management tool is the linchpin in any serious data management program and how…

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