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What Is Content Intelligence?

Content intelligence is a technology that combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand the context and impact of content amongst different audiences. Several general ways that a content intelligence platform delivers value and improves overall content marketing efforts are:

  • Increasing the creation of high-performing content that drives leads, conversions, and revenue  
  • Optimizing content development to create targeted materials that resonate with a target audience
  • Providing predictive and prescriptive analytics on content and its impact on the audience
  • Reducing waste and improving ROI by creating efficiencies
  • Retrieving data and processing it in a usable way to help improve your data-driven content strategy
  • Streamlining the production of better content to align with usage patterns
  • Supporting market research about the effectiveness of specific types of content to help develop long-term content strategies.
A content intelligence platform is a must-have for any organization that depends on content marketing

How a Content Intelligence Platform Works

  • Analyzes data faster and more efficiently than human analysts, with artificial intelligence that enables content marketers to optimize their efforts in near real-time.
  • Takes advantage of the intrinsic qualities of machine learning and artificial intelligence to perform tasks that humans tend to do less efficiently in volume and/or may even be incapable of doing.
  • Uses machine learning algorithms that compile content and its audience data to support the optimization and amplification of content marketing efforts.

What to Look for in a Content Intelligence Platform

Essential features to look for in a content intelligence platform include the following.  

  • Ability to provide content suggestions based on engagement metrics
  • Tracking marketing strategies and identifying whether content performance results meet objectives by uncovering hidden results and trends
  • AI tools that translate that intelligence into action based on the user’s journey and competitive landscape
  • Automation of proven content marketing processes and reports to put as much on autopilot as possible with machine-level consistency in terms of accuracy and frequency
  • Collaboration capabilities and the ability to assign content to distributed team members 
  • Comprehensive content management embedded in a content intelligence platform to help create, store, edit, and post content 
  • Consolidation, processing, and analysis of thousands of raw metadata points from internal and external sources in real-time
  • Content publishing automation that uses AI to study statistics and execute user-specific customizations that are individualized and add personalization  
  • Enablement of self-guided digital journeys and maximum personal privacy protection
  • Insights that support the production of targeted content for individual users across touchpoints 
  • Mitigation of mistakes that often occur when tasks are performed manually  
  • Native reporting functionality for short-term planning and long-term forecasting 
  • Optimization of the entire insights-to-action journey with speed and precision at scale  
  • Option to automatically isolate or group content assets to predict potential reach and engagement 
  • Real-time, actionable reporting on content intelligence data insights
  • Scalable data collection and analysis to process and analyze the volume and velocity of inputs  
  • Unified dashboard for users to specify advertising preferences and control privacy settings

Why Do Marketers Need a Content Intelligence Platform?

Content intelligence platform solutions are an exciting addition to the Marketing Technology (MarTech) space, because of their masterful use of advanced data analytics to measure and predict results. These solutions have become vital tools for marketers, because, with the information they generate, companies can take content marketing to never-before thought-of levels. For example, content intelligence platforms can be used to do the following.

  • Develop authority in a niche by focusing on content that performs best in that space
  • Eliminate guesswork and the trial and error that often goes into creating content using AI analysis to evaluate metrics related to variables, such as style or tone of voice 
  • Gain insight into various content types and how they should be created, such as using video content intelligence to see what actions within videos drive user action
  • Generate a deep understanding of target audiences and the type of content they respond to 
  • Improve personalization based on what content has already been consumed 
  • Predict the content efficacy based on the historical performance of competitors 
  • Prove ROI with clear performance metrics 
  • Support sales teams to share real-time intelligence from content assets that have been viewed

Ten things that a content intelligence platform enables marketers to do:  

1. Discover top-performing content on any topic quickly

2. Expedite and automate research 

3. Gain insights for personalization 

4. Generate contextual data 

5. Identify buyer intent 

6. Know how, when, and where to distribute content most effectively 

7. Measure and track influence 

8. Spot emerging trends  

9. Track ideas and topics across thousands of social media threads 

10. Understand and predict the performance of content on social media

5 Essentials You Need for Your Content Intelligence Platform

1. Audience and operational insights
Provide actionable insights related to specific audiences and target sectors.

2. Content creation support
Offer tools to help streamline the content development process with specialized tools, such as AI-assisted writing tools, keyword generators, and SEO research.

3. Content management tools
Support the creation, storage, editing, and posting of content, as well as tools to facilitate collaboration and help assign content to multiple team members.

4. Process automation
Take tasks that are currently being performed manually and automate them.

5. Real-time data collection
Identify changes in customer behavior to improve their overall experience and content efficacy.

Improve Your Organizations Content Strategy

Several areas where content marketing practices need to be adapted to take full advantage of a content intelligence platform.

  • Assess the current cost and challenges of content marketing efforts
  • Change processes for brainstorming, optimizing, and audience development
  • Identify roles for managing the system (e.g., analyst, strategist, producer, consumer)
  • Monitor and measure results, analyze data, and implement insights

Leverage the Power of a Content Intelligence Platform

A content intelligence platform is a must-have for any organization that depends on content marketing. It provides clarity and direction for what content to produce, share, update, and promote as part of demand generation and brand awareness campaigns, as well as engaging existing current customers, prospects, and influencers. A content intelligence platform provides empirical data on what works and which initiatives require improvement. 

By using a content intelligence platform, inefficient and often ineffective brainstorming meetings, and content audits can be eliminated. It drives content strategies and development plans that engage audiences and deliver results that are driven by hard data. In addition, the automation made possible with a content intelligence platform frees creative teams to focus on what they do best, rather than focusing their efforts on rote manual tasks that do not achieve business objectives.

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Last Updated: 13th March, 2023

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