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Reduce admin burden and complexity, while still maintaining visibility and control over valuable unstructured data

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Replace Legacy File Servers

Common File Management Challenges

Slow, Cumbersome Remote Access with VPN

Slow, Cumbersome Access

  • Frustrating and slow remote access with VPN
  • Lack of support for mobile devices and BYOD
  • Offline access complicated
Uncontrolled File Sharing

Uncontrolled Sharing

  • Unsanctioned, unmonitored sharing methods
  • Lots of duplication of files
  • No single pane of control
Resource Intensive Productivity

Resource Intensive

  • Solutions not scalable for large files
  • Significant resources required to deploy, upgrade and repair infrastructure
  • Specialists needed to manage and maintain

The Egnyte Solution

File Server-like Control

File Server-like Control

  • Granular, NTFS-like folder permissions
  • Detailed audit and reporting on file and user activity
  • Single trash bin with versioning, snapshots, and simple restore
Cloud Only Advantages

Cloud Only Advantages

  • File access from anywhere – no VPN
  • Native tablet and mobile apps
  • Built-in redundancy and backup
  • Real-time co-editing in M365 and Google apps
  • Simple provisioning of external users
  • Turnkey, reduced burden on IT
Seamless Transition

Seamless Transition

  • Familiar 'drive letter' experience
  • Easy, self-service migration of files, folders and permissions
  • Improve access performance with hybrid deployment options
  • Deliver robust file solution quickly to match company growth

Reducing Complexity & Cost with Egnyte

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