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Enterprise File Hosting

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What Is a Cloud File Hosting Service?

A file cloud hosting service offers secure on-demand access to a hierarchical storage system. Delivered through third-party solution providers, file cloud hosting services provide secure, auditable, shared access to file data. A file cloud hosting service gives users the ability to create files and organize them logically in a directory for intuitive access. Also included with a file cloud hosting service are tools that allow users to delete, modify, read, and write files based on their assigned permissions.

With a file cloud hosting service, files can be remotely accessed from a web browser using any connected device (e.g., mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer). In addition, a file cloud hosting service offers the elasticity that organizations need to meet changing requirements from downsizing to rapid increases in users and files. 

A type of file-sharing solution that is mostly used by larger organizations, a file cloud hosting service can be set up to support the unique needs of different groups. A file cloud hosting service has options that can be set to extend efficient file-sharing capabilities to both internal and external (e.g., partners, customers, vendors) users. 

A file cloud hosting service includes features to set and enforce permissions for accessing and sharing files. These can be used to secure sensitive information and ensure that it can only be shared with approved users inside and outside the organization.

With a file cloud hosting service, administrators have the ability to create shared subfolders and grant granular access permissions to individuals and teams. Once access has been granted, employees and authorized third parties have access to files across remote or distributed offices, business partners, and clients—all from a centralized, secure system.

A file cloud hosting service can also be used as a collaboration tool, because it helps users share files, of any size or type, across multiple devices, platforms, and other channels. Simple links are used to share. They can be sent via email or a chat window, embedded in any document, or shared on a website. Synchronization assures that linked files are kept up to date and that users have access to real-time data updates across all connected devices.

Benefits of File Cloud Hosting

Fast access
A file cloud hosting service provides all authorized users with fast and easy access to files from anywhere at any time from any system with optimizations for mobile devices—without having to use FTP or VPNs.  

File usage restrictions
With a file cloud hosting service, an additional layer of security can be established by implementing password requirement to access a file. Access to files can also be restricted by limiting what can be done (e.g., view only, edit, share) and setting access expiration dates.

Hybrid storage support
For organizations with cloud-based and on-premises storage, a file cloud hosting service can synchronize files between systems in multiple locations. In addition, a file cloud hosting service can leverage the hybrid model to rapidly increase capacity by tapping into cloud storage.

Robust return on investment (ROI)
A file cloud hosting service can reduce administrative overhead and improve efficiency by replacing existing file servers resulting in a significant return on investment (ROI) and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).  

Secure access from any connected device
A file cloud hosting service provides robust security systems. Files at rest and in transit are protected with powerful encryption.  

Frequently Asked Questions About File Cloud Hosting

How to choose the best file cloud hosting service for business?
Organizations have different needs and priorities, which makes a file cloud hosting service the solution of choice for so many. With a file cloud hosting service, organizations have the flexibility to use public, private, or hybrid cloud services.  

Do file cloud hosting services have restrictions on space?
No, file cloud hosting services offer unlimited storage capacity. Organizations can choose the amount of storage in their plan based on needs and budget. Some file cloud hosting services also offer user scaling to accommodate organizations’ needs as user bases grow or shrink.

Are file cloud hosting services secure?
Like other cloud service providers, file cloud hosting services offer highly-secure solutions. In fact, some consider file cloud hosting services a more secure solution, because their servers are located in highly-secured warehouses with very limited access, and files are protected using a rich suite of security solutions (e.g., identity management and access controls, data loss protection, encryption, anti-malware, anti-virus, ransomware protections).

Main Features of Enterprise File Sharing

Key features and capabilities to look for in a file cloud hosting solution are:

  • Advanced audit capabilities
  • Archive and backup
  • Branding and customization
  • Central administration and reporting
  • Compatibility
  • File locking  
  • File sync and share
  • File versioning  
  • Flexible Infrastructure
  • High performance
  • Notifications  
  • Scalable
  • Security and privacy
  • Subfolder permissions
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Workflow automation

Enterprise File Sharing vs. Personal File Sharing Solutions

Enterprise file sharing is a type of file cloud hosting solution designed for large organizations to ensure the secure and open exchange of files. The scale, breadth of features, and depth of security are the primary differentiators between solutions for enterprise file sharing and personal file sharing.

Solutions for enterprise file sharing, like file cloud hosting, enable high-level file synchronization and sharing over a network. In addition, these systems are purpose-built for enterprise deployments and include APIs, user permissions, and integrations that make data highly accessible to authorized users. Conversely, personal file-sharing solutions usually come with limited data transfer capabilities.

Does my Organization Need EFS Space?

The main factors influencing organizations’ need for EFSS space are to:

  • Facilitate collaborative file-sharing 
  • Easy access to shared files
  • Provide sufficient file space for users
  • Ensure secured file sharing
  • Use programs that require access to a central data store
  • Enable mobile device accessibility

File Cloud Hosting Solutions Deliver Security and Simplicity

A file cloud hosting solution eliminates vulnerabilities that put files at risk of cyberattacks, disorganization, clutter, and poor version control. With file cloud hosting solutions, organizations get the advanced functionality required to manage and protect their files effectively and efficiently.

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