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PCL Construction reduces IT costs despite doubling data

Cloud-based collaboration and mobile integrations change the way business is done on jobsites

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PCL managed hundreds of projects concurrently that required dedicated, on-site file servers. This became a nightmare due to the number of computer-aided design (CAD) and other large file types generated by architects and engineers. They found that their existing traditional file services infrastructure, which included Windows file servers and SharePoint Online, were costly for the IT team to maintain and insufficient for sharing large design files.

True North Square - CAD Design and Construction by PCL
True North Square - Design and construction by PCL


PCL replaced their legacy on-premises file systems with Egnyte for content management and mobility, with API extensibility that could easily integrate with its in-house applications including Salesforce, Microsoft Office, Bluebeam, and custom apps. Employees are now using Egnyte on their smartphones and mobile devices to access documents and consume content in real time in the field.

Egnyte’s fast and secure file sharing infrastructure to transfer large design files.
PCL uses Egnyte’s fast and secure file sharing infrastructure to transfer their large design files.


  • Eliminated the need to procure costly storage infrastructure.
  • Created multiple access points to Egnyte versus multiple file stores, making the IT team more efficient.
  • Doubled its data in two years while actually reducing IT costs.
Chris Palmer's Testimonial on Egnyte's Content Management and Mobility Solution
“PCL’s data has doubled in the last two years. With Egnyte, we’ve been able to eliminate the labor required in provisioning new storage while reducing our capital spend in this area, saving PCL time and money.”
Chris Palmer
Advanced Technology Services Manager • PCL

With original roots reaching back to 1906, PCL is a group of independent construction companies in Canada, Australia, the Caribbean and the United States that carry out diverse operations in the civil infrastructure, heavy industrial, and buildings markets.



Headquarters: Edmonton, Canada
31 major centers worldwide



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