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Keep All of Your Teams in Sync


Spend more time on designing, less on administrative tasks. Streamline design collaboration across internal and external partners.

  • Fast access to large design files from anywhere
  • File sharing and co-editing on web, mobile, and desktop
  • Password protection, limited-time access, and watermarking for shared files
  • Version control and file recovery that eliminates errors
  • Ransomware detection and rapid recovery

I love Egnyte because our users love Egnyte. It's very efficient, reduces management, communication and confusion on where to find things.

Mike Rensing
Director of Technology, GBBN Architects


Process dense data sets and calculations including high-res imagery for seamless collaboration between stakeholders.

  • Offline access to files that remain in sync with other locations
  • Sync for large drawings, jobsite imagery, 360 photos, point cloud data and more
  • Bulk upload large numbers of files at once
  • Smart retention, archival, and deletion to support end of project compliance
  • Ransomware detection and rapid recovery

Our people are not in cubicles; they are onsite in the field. Egnyte has helped getting this data into a single place and reducing the stress of the transference of data."

Spencer Mains
Director, ESA

General Contractors

Avoid rework and delays by securing and syncing critical project files across your offices and jobsites.

  • Turnkey file sharing with internal and external partners
  • Offline access to files and automated syncing across locations
  • Document preview and annotation on mobile devices
  • Secure bid-request and project folders
  • Access to files from inside leading AEC applications
  • Ransomware detection and rapid recovery

Egnyte has become a staple in our job site operations now, from three guys working over mobile broadband, to over 200 people working on a multi-billion dollar project.”

Jim Puerner
CIO, Tutor Perini

Specialty Contractors

Eliminate the dependency on offline copies so your entire team can always work off the latest version in real-time.

  • File access, secure sharing, and co-editing from any location
  • Sync for large drawings, jobsite imagery, 360 photos, and point cloud data from mobile devices
  • Smart retention, archival, and deletion to support end of project compliance
  • Anytime, anywhere access to plans and specs
  • Ransomware detection and rapid recovery

One of the main challenges of having files stored in 5 different places is that you start losing governance of files and it becomes impossible to manage, especially with a large team. When you have one centralized system you can ensure it’s highly secure and the right people have the right access.

Steve Buchanan
Head of IT, BW: Workplace Experts

One Simple, Secure Foundation For All Your Content

Accelerate CMMC 2.0 Compliance

Prepare for CMMC 2.0 today. Ramp up your security posture and bid on Federal and DoD projects.

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Reduce Delays, Miscommunication and Rework

Cache and sync files, like .dwg and .rvt, across remote offices and jobsites for fast office-like performance.

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Protect Your Reputation and Win More Business

Protect your clients’ valuable data from ransomware and insider threats. Open up new opportunities by establishing a reputation as a secure, reliable vendor.

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Fast Access to Large Design, Point Cloud, and Image Files Anywhere

Capture, share and collaborate on large file formats, even ones needing mapped drives support.

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Accelerate CMMC 2.0 Compliance
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Protect Your Reputation and Win More Business
Cache Files

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AEC Package

Available on Business and Enterprise Plans

  • Project Document Retention & Closeout
  • Search and Preview CAD & BIM Formats
  • Smart Project Image Collection
  • Rapid Ransomware Recovery


  • File Versioning
  • Folder Templates
  • Desktop and Mobile Access
  • Single-Step Workflows


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Enterprise Lite

  • Multi-step Workflows
  • Legal Hold
  • Mobile & Desktop Device Controls
  • Role-Based Access Controls
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  • Intelligent Document Classification
  • Data Privacy Management
  • Insider Threat Detection
  • Compliance Monitoring
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