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How Joeris provides 100% file access for remote teams

Egnyte’s hybrid solution provides file availability for online and offline users

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Microsoft 365 Integration


As Joeris grew, increasing numbers of both offices and employees exposed the difficulty of maintaining operations with a single file server. For users in the field, limited site bandwidth combined with the hassles of VPN slowed the collaborative process for everyone. Users in all locations had a hard time finding the latest file versions and relied heavily on email attachments for document sharing. IT was struggling to maintain visibility and control.

“Egnyte has truly been a game-changer in our day-to-day operations. From accessibility to file sharing, it is an integral part of many of our processes; efficiency has never been higher.”
Byron Grimm
Project Controls Manager


After trying content collaboration solutions like Box and Dropbox, Joeris discovered it was essential that they find a platform with the option for hybrid deployment to enable teams to access, edit and share files on any device, from anywhere in real time. Egnyte’s hybrid solution ensures files are available for teams when WiFi is spotty or non-existent. Egnyte also allows IT to more easily manage file and folder permissions (or delegate to project managers) and control access to sensitive data, while simplifying user access to Microsoft 365 applications on the go.


  • Elimination of costly file servers and cumbersome VPN 
  • 100% access to job files, regardless of connectivity
  • Ability to easily control folder and file permissions of users everywhere
  • Integration with Microsoft 365
“In the past, if we ever had to update the file server or if it was having problems, there would be a lot of downtime for file access. With Egnyte, users have access to all their files in the cloud. Having 100% file access no matter where you are is the biggest benefit.”
Tom Crews
IT Manager • Joeris

Joeris, a San Antonio-based general contractor, specializes in commercial construction for a variety of industries including hospitality, healthcare, and education. At any given time, the company has 40-60 projects running across all of its Texas locations.


Headquartered in San Antonio Texas. Founded in 1967.



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