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Storage Sync

Hybrid File Sharing and Storage

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With Egnyte Storage Sync, files on any local storage device (direct attached, NAS or SAN) can be synced online, enabling users to store, share and access from anywhere, with any device. Storage Sync in conjunction with the Cloud File Server combines the "access from anywhere" of cloud with "in-the-office" fast performance of local storage, thereby providing unstoppable IT performance anywhere your business needs to thrive. Further, policy-based sync enables prioritization to ensure that users have instant access to their most important files.

User Security with Granular Access Controls

Mobile Access and Sharing

Storage Sync makes sure that you can access and share your business files whether you are at an offsite location or on the road with uninterrupted mobile access. Get 24x7 connectivity to your business data, keeping your business files at your fingertips.

Device Security with Remote Wipe and Device Pinning

Address Latency Issues

Whether working on large files (design files, drawings etc.) or dealing with bandwidth constraints, the high performance of local storage typically outpaces the cloud. Storage Sync preserves the instant access of data on your local server while using smart technology to make this data available instantly in the cloud for remote users.

Network Security with 256-bit encryption

Cross-office Collaboration

Storage Sync can be deployed on heterogeneous storage devices and across multiple locations, enabling real-time file sync across multiple offices. You no longer need to set up and maintain expensive cross-site file replication systems. Employees across multiple locations can collaborate together as if they were in a single room. File change conflicts are elegantly handled by email notifications and file versioning.

SSAE-16 Tier II complaint data centers

Policy-Based Sync

Storage Sync's policy-based sync lets you prioritize specific kinds of files for sync when dealing with a large number of files. IT teams can set policies to prioritize syncing by file-type or last modified time. This streamlines collaboration, making it possible for the most relevant files to sync faster than the rest. You can also configure Storage Sync to exclude specific sensitive file types from getting synced. Policy-based sync brings the intelligence that IT teams expect for syncing business data in the real world.

Content Security with Data Loss Prevention

Centralized Permission Control

Folder and sub-folder access permissions are uniformly enforced across cloud and local storage systems. Egnyte can ingest existing shares along with their access permissions. Cloud becomes the central point for all ACL changes. Egnyte supports full AD, LDAP and SSO integrations enabling you to centralize user account management. Egnyte also provides robust audit reporting to monitor usage and access permission changes across all users.

Strong security framework and compliance

Secure File Backup

Storage Sync replicates local storage files with Cloud File Server, providing data redundancy and disaster recovery. All data in the cloud is encrypted during transmission and at rest. Egnyte's data redundancy architecture ensures that multiple copies of files are always available to protect against hardware failures or unforeseen data loss. Data can even be synced with another storage device in another location for additional redundancy.