Securely Growing Sales with Egnyte and Salesforce

When a company was directed by its board to grow revenue, the sales process badly needed to be improved. Hiring new sales staff simply is not enough, and rarely cost-effective. Confronted with this big task, sales teams and IT teams look for a solution that works with their existing ecosystem of tools.

While seeking to revamp his sales processes, there are so many options, many companies don’t know where to start. There are pros and cons to each solution, but Egnyte, which is built for enterprise, fuels business growth by enabling content-rich business processes, while also providing organizations with visibility and control over their content assets.

Egnyte for Salesforce has tools for successful sales teams:

  • Securely access all Salesforce data from Egnyte, including presentations, contracts, or proposals.
  • Collaborate with team members, even if they are not Salesforce users
  • Organize files using folders and sub-folders within the Salesforce hierarchy
  • Support leads, cases, accounts, contacts, opportunities, campaigns, and any custom Salesforce objects
  • File progress when leads are converted to opportunities through the sales pipeline
  • Automatically upload notes and attachments in Salesforce to corresponding, secure record folders in Egnyte.
  • Create folder / sub-folder templates for new leads, cases, accounts, contacts, opportunities, campaigns or custom Salesforce objects.

Sales teams expect amazing digital experiences, no matter what tools they use — which means you must deliver a consistent content experience across every app without compromising governance, security, or compliance. Together, Egnyte and Salesforce are dedicated to providing you with seamlessly integrated solutions that make it easy for your sales teams to securely collaborate on the most critical content, which leads to a boost in productivity and allows for sales growth.  

Securely Growing Sales with Egnyte and Salesforce -Egnyte Blog

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