Personal Local Cloud

Desktop Sync

Fast Local Access and Continuous Backup for PCs and Macs

Personal Local Cloud syncs files between the personal computer and the cloud, providing fast file access, automatic file backup and storage - online or offline. Installed on Windows or Mac computers, it enables users to access files from any device, any time.

Sub-folder Sync and Permissioning

As businesses grow, so does their data structure and need for granular access control. Egnyte is the first and only cloud storage provider to offer file sync and folder permissions down to the sub-folder level.

Once authenticated, users can only select folders and sub-folders they have been granted access to by the account administrator. "Read" vs. "Write" permissions are also enforced

Administrators can assign permissions at any folder or sub-folder folder level. This granular control is critical for businesses, providing a powerful tool to manage all file access.

Desktop Integration

Personal Local Cloud integrates with Windows Explorer and Mac Finder. Using the right-click function, users can share files as links, see all versions of a file, add comments to a file and more.

File Access

Since files are available on the computer hard drive, they can be accessed and edited with or without an Internet connection. When Internet connectivity is available, local file changes or changes made in the cloud are automatically synchronized, allowing for the most recent files to be accessible from anywhere, with any other computer or mobile device.

File Backup

When files are stored on Personal Local Cloud, they are synchronized and continuously backed up into the cloud. Having files continuously backed up in the cloud provides redundant storage for local data. In the event of a computer failure, users can easily access those files in the cloud or simply install Personal Local Cloud on a new computer and restore all backed up files.


As files are edited and saved, Egnyte does automatic file versioning. This ensures that even when multiple users work on the same file, edits are never lost. Users are automatically notified of file changes.