Enterprise Local Cloud

Server Sync for Enterprise

Collaboration and Sharing Across Multiple Offices

Egnyte HybridCloud combines the speed and security of local storage with the accessibility of the cloud. Enterprise Local Cloud is deployed as a VMware® virtual appliance and synchronizes files between on-premise storage and Egnyte Cloud File Server. The virtual appliance can be deployed on a wide range of existing hardware such as NetApp® unified storage systems. Egnyte's hybrid cloud file sync technology provides redundant file storage and backup as well as secure file access from anywhere on any device, online or offline. Multiple instances of Enterprise Local Cloud provide a simple way to synchronize files across multiple offices.

The Enterprise Solution

Egnyte HybridCloud offers secure central online file storage for employees and business partners to access, collaborate and share files from anywhere. Eliminate the cost and complexity of purchasing and maintaining traditional file servers, tape backups, FTP and VPN systems.

  • Hybrid cloud file storage - files are continuously synchronized between local storage and the cloud, providing redundant remote file storage and backup
  • Leverage existing systems - Enterprise Local Cloud can be installed on a range of hardware such as Windows and Linux servers, NetApp unified storage systems, or any existing servers running VMware ESX/ESXi platforms
  • File access anywhere - files can be accessed from any desktop, mobile device, web browser, mapped drive, or FTP client
  • Sharing and collaboration - send file links, email attachments or share public folders for collaboration across any number of locations
  • Enterprise-class security - user authentication, data encryption, redundant storage, and secure data centers all work together to keep data protected
  • Central administration - control and manage user access levels and monitor file usage with audit reports
  • Permission enforcement - user permissions and authentication (with AD integration) are synced locally and in the cloud, ensuring that only the right users have access to the right files
  • Partner integrations - Egnyte HybridCloud is integrated with a host of applications to enhance productivity (Google Docs, Outlook, Salesforce.com, Quickoffice, NETGEAR, VMware, NetApp, Citrix and Sophos)