Global Namespace

Comprehensive Visibility. Unified Interface.

Files across the enterprise are dispersed among a wide range of devices, servers, document management systems and cloud storage repositories. IT requires complete visibility over all of their files stored across the myriad storage systems. They also need the ability to monitor the health of storage systems across the entire network.

With files being dispersed among various storage systems, users are forced to use multiple access solutions, such as mapped drives, FTP, VPN, and Web UI. This overburdens IT to support multiple solutions and impacts user productivity.

With these issues in mind, Egnyte is designed to give users and IT a unified view of their data under a global namespace, independent of where the files are physically stored or from where they are accessed. IT can centrally manage permissions and access to content through a single pane of glass, and users gain this unified view to enhance productivity and efficiency around file management and collaboration.