Life Sciences SUMMIT


Revolutionizing Human Health with Advances in Science and Technology

Join our keynote expert, Keith Elliston, Co-Founder of Ingentium, as he explores the significant role that technology plays in advancing scientific research by promoting collaboration, privacy, security, and governance to advance a healthier future. Discover how innovative biotech solutions enable transformative improvements across the drug discovery & development process for better patient outcomes.

Ronen Vengosh
SVP, Industry Practices and Solutions
Keith Elliston
Executive Chairman
Ingentium, Inc.

Data Integrity for CROs

Find out how Cat Hall, VP of Data & Quality at Endpoint Clinical, has innovated with its vendors, to develop software that preserves compliance, manages audit trails, and ensures data integrity during clinical trials.

Cat Hall
VP, Data & Quality
Endpoint Clinical
Nikhil Joshi
Principal, Life Sciences Market Strategy

The Calculus of IT

Join Nate McBride, Senior VP of IT at Xilio Therapeutics, as he sheds light on the fundamental elements biotech IT leaders must consider as they evolve. Nate will provide a comprehensive overview of the dos and don'ts, offer launchpad guidance tailored for emerging biotechs, and provide tips on fostering secure collaboration within their organization.

Nate McBride
Sr. VP of IT
Xilio Therapeutics

The Pharmaverse: A Network of Connectivity and Collaboration

Join Mike Stackhouse, the CIO of Atorus, for a discussion on the Pharmaverse and how organizations in the pharmaceutical industry are creating open-source R packages for clinical reporting usage in pharma and the search for the next generation of regulatory reporting.

Mike Stackhouse
Chief Innovation Officer

Running Cost-effective Clinical Trials

Find out from Luke Bogus, Group Product Manager of Vial, how a modern CRO can reduce costs and accelerate their workflows during clinical trials by integrating an easy-to-deploy eTMF into their tech stack.

Luke Bogus
Group Product Manager
Nikhil Joshi
Principal, Life Sciences Market Strategy

The Long and Winding Journey from Multi-omics Data to Insight

Scientists can now generate more data in a single day than they could in the preceding decade. Today, translating this deluge of data into actionable insights has become the rate-limiting step to scientific discovery. Researchers struggle to access the computational infrastructure, niche informatics tooling, and data science expertise required to realize the full potential of their experiments. Dr. Mark Kalinich discusses these challenges, reviews the available solutions, and shares how Watershed's Omics Bench brings together these disparate resources into one unified ecosystem on the cloud, empowering scientists to transform today’s fragmented data into tomorrow’s precision medicines.

Mark Kalinich
Watershed Informatics

6 Ways to Protect Your Sensitive Biotech Data

Ford Winslow, CEO of ICE Cybersecurity and Neil Jones, Egnyte’s Cybersecurity Evangelist, discuss practical approaches that you can take to protect your company’s sensitive biotech data from potential cyberattacks. Approaches will include: Designing your data footprint with the right balance of access, collaboration and security, detecting and quantifying risk to your organization’s data and implementing an incident response plan, so you can recover quickly from potential attacks.

Ford Winslow
Chief Executive Officer
ICE Cybersecurity
Abhay Kini
Director, Life Sciences
Neil Jones
Director, Cybersecurity Evangelism

Unlock the Power of Data & Tools in Research and Development

Hear from the experts on the best practices to streamline clinical data management, optimize clinical research productivity, and innovative methods to modernize your clinical trial approaches.

Andy Chu
VP of IT
Sionna Therapeutics
Jacob Oppenheim
Digitalis Ventures
Wally Reiher
Chief Information Officer
Revolution Medicines
Abhay Kini
Director, Life Sciences

Egnyte for Life Sciences: New Product Features and Roadmap

Join us for a live discussion hosted by Egnyte's Product Team as they answer questions on existing features and future innovation.

Greg Neustaetter
VP, Products