Data Lifecycle Management

Data Lifecycle ManagementAutomate Retention, Archival & Deletion

Put AI to work managing high volumes of data and mitigate business risk

Enterprises house millions of files, accessed by thousands of users, making it daunting to define, manage and manually enforce data policies. Regulations like HIPAA, FINRA, and GDPR complicate things further with detailed (and often conflicting) policies on how long personal data should be kept.

Today, “keep everything” is no longer a viable data lifecycle management strategy. It is costly and inefficient, and opens companies up to massive risk in the event of a breach. Egnyte can help you effectively manage the preservation, archival, and deletion of data, across repositories, to eliminate storage costs and comply with changing regulations.

Reduce cost of storing, managing, and maintaining data

Reduce cost of storing, managing, and maintaining data.

Eliminating old and redundant files can save companies millions in storage costs and reduced risk. Egnyte’s data minimization cuts costs associated with compliance fines and data breaches up to 50%.

You create the policies, AI does the heavy lifting.

Easily create retention, archive, and deletion policies based on folder location, keywords, metadata, or sensitive content, like PII. Policies run in the background, delivering peace of mind without disrupting users.

Confidently meet and exceed contract and regulatory requirements
Protect and control your data across the full data lifecycle

Confidently meet legal, contract, and regulatory requirements.

Apply a wide range of retention policies based on regulated PII, financial data, and healthcare data. Earn customer trust by complying with contractual obligations for data retention and destruction. Quickly place legal holds for ongoing litigation.

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5 Advantages of Deploying a Data Governance Solution

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Data Retention Webpage

Data Retention Webpage

Unstructured business content has grown exponentially in the last decade, making it more challenging to organize, discover, and protect the files your users create. Learn how Egnyte’s advanced metadata lets you structure that data according to your business needs, set security policies based on that information, and glean meaningful context and insights from your data.

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