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Red Bull Reenergizes Content Collaboration Seamless file access and control accelerates productivity

Red Bull

Red Bull is always establishing ways to innovate and become more efficient and productive; it was no different with implementing Egnyte.

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Giving Wings to People and Ideas

Drawing inspiration from functional drinks in the Far East, Dietrich Mateschitz founded Red Bull in the mid-1980s. He created the formula of Red Bull Energy Drink, as well as developed the unique marketing concept of Red Bull. On April 1, 1987, Red Bull Energy Drink was sold for the very first time in its home market of Austria. This was not only the launch of a completely new product; it was the birth of a totally new category: Energy Drinks.

Today, Red Bull has over 10,000 employees working out of 167 countries around the world with no plans on slowing down. For more than 25 years, Red Bull has been giving wings to the people of earth and even those crazy enough to leave it! Find the Red Bull Stratos video online if you are confused by the last statement; we promise you won’t be disappointed.

As a global powerhouse and one of the most recognizable brands on the planet, Red Bull prides itself on being an innovator in every aspect of its operation. In addition, the company puts on more than 1,800 events around the globe, including air racing, cliff diving, enduro racing, festivals, and snow Sports. Having access to all event collateral is a key component to Red Bull’s success. When cloud file sharing began to rise in popularity, Red Bull wanted to make sure it was keeping up with the times.

An Enterprise Solution to Match Their Consumer Dominance

Initially deploying Box for its file-sharing needs, Red Bull found the cloud-only solution served its purpose from a local standpoint but lacked the flexibility and scalability to meet Red Bull’s global requirements. Operating in so many countries, Red Bull often faces different data storage regulations that require specific content to be stored and accessed from on-premises storage, something a consumer solution can’t offer. Red Bull also found it frustrating trying to work around Box’s granular folder and subfolder permissioning limitations, as well as work through file-version conflicts and Box sync restrictions. In the end, they decided to find another file-sharing solution.

Reenergizing Collaboration

Looking for an alternative solution, Red Bull was drawn to Egnyte for many reasons. Egnyte allows them to manage their content all over the world, not only from a collaboration standpoint but for data residency as well. Egnyte also provides on-the-go access to Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, DCP files, pictures and other sensitive data — all while staying compliant with data regulations.

Additionally, Red Bull likes that they can monitor and control access to all of their files through centralized management and administrative controls. They can easily provision users, collaborative teams, and departments, and control the security and privacy settings, such as user authentication, device management, adding/removing users, and granular permissions at the folder and subfolder level. This ensures the right employees have access to the right files; but even more importantly, it makes sure outside parties don’t accidentally gain access to their latest designs, videos, or other important files.

For a company the size of Red Bull, security and privacy are always high priorities especially when transitioning to a new solution. When Red Bull wants to share files outside of their corporate network with partners, customers, vendors, and retailers, they can easily send out fully customizable Egnyte links. Users can choose to make each link public or private, allow the file or folder to be downloaded, set an expiration date, be notified when it’s opened, and even control who has access.

Red Bull is always establishing ways to innovate and become more efficient and productive; it was no different with implementing Egnyte. Leveraging Egnyte’s open ecosystem, they connected their sales and field teams’ suite of iPad applications to the Egnyte API. Those teams can now work seamlessly from their iPads, performing field audits and accessing in-store display design PDFs. They can also upload pictures from events with the corporate application, while at the same time integrating with Egnyte Adaptive Enterprise File Services.

To help increase productivity, Red Bull takes advantage of WebEdit, an Egnyte application that allows business users to edit a file with the associated tool (e.g., Microsoft Office) directly from the Egnyte Web user interface (UI)—without having to download it. The edits are directly synced back to the cloud when the file is saved. To avoid conflict issues, Egnyte locks the file when being edited and offers version control so business users, teams, and departments see the most up-to-date project file. This eliminates the need to sift through file names or email chains trying to find the latest version. Red Bull can also go back to previous versions in the event they want to revisit a prior idea.

“Leveraging Egnyte’s open ecosystem, they connected their sales and field teams’ suite of iPad applications to the Egnyte API.”

The company also leverages Jive, a collaboration platform, for internal alignment and productivity. Egnyte’s integration with Jive allows users to create Jive places and associate those with an Egnyte folder. As users add, edit and share content through their Jive collaboration window, a single shared set of data resides in Egnyte, which can be accessed via Jive.

With Egnyte, Red Bull can confidently continue to provide the world with cutting-edge products and promotions by leveraging Egnyte Enterprise File services for all of its file-sharing, collaboration and access needs. They can also maintain data- residency compliance, keep centralized control of users, files, and folders, as well as securely collaborate and share project files from anywhere and with any device wherever data is stored (on premises and in the cloud).