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Honor Health Network Scraps Paper from Its Data Capture Workflow

Integrating Jotform and Egnyte, the firm built a cloud-based system to make capturing business-critical data intuitive, secure, and efficient.

Making the Most of the Jotform+Egnyte Integration:

  • 500+ forms and 184,000 submissions per day
  • Improved efficiencies for office staff, home health aides and new job applicants
“Egnyte and Jotform Enterprise in combination are such a powerful force for improving our workflows…Things are fast, easy, and secure across the board.”
Matt Koveleski
Director of IT • Honor Health Network

Honor Health Network, a fast-growing network of community-oriented healthcare services, was up to its ears in paper. From patient forms to job applications, the company relied on physical folders storing paper documents, with chaotic results in content management, organization, and the allocation of office space.

That all changed when the company partnered with Jotform, a web-based form builder, and Egnyte, a provider of cloud-hosted content management software. Through the elegant integration of their two services, Jotform and Egnyte digitized Honor Health’s forms and cloud-enabled its workflows, streamlining operations for 10,000 users across countless offices and patient homes.

Challenge: Find a Digital Alternative for Messy Paper Workflows

Honor Health’s reliance on paper created numerous inefficiencies that caused the amount of time the team spent on document management to balloon. It also posed serious risks of document loss and threats to data integrity.

“To share documents among our different offices and home health aides, people would have to drive from place to place to pick up their files. Less tech-savvy staff members and patients would even print out forms, fill them out, and drive to their local library to fax them in,” explains Kayla S., Service Center Manager at Honor Health Network. “Then there’s the human error issue. Files would get lost. Offices would fill up with file cabinets containing documents that were often poorly organized. Missing or incorrect data would go undetected until the next audit. This forced us to spend valuable time chasing people down and correcting mistakes.”

It was clear that, to gain better control over their files and make better use of their time, Honor Health would need to digitize. However, not just any digital solution would suffice. “As a health network, a lot of our files contain people’s PHI, PII, and other highly sensitive data,” says Matt Koveleski, Director of IT at Honor Health. “We needed something cloud-based and secure, so that we could see and control who has access to what documents and so people wouldn’t have to rely on VPN connections to access data from other offices or patients’ homes.”

“Home aides are happier because it’s much easier to get forms completed and submitted. And the simple folder structure Egnyte provides means we don’t have to give everyone extra training on navigating the backend of Jotform to find files.”
Kayla S.
Honor Health Network

Solution: Digitize Forms with Jotform, Manage in Egnyte

Honor Health had previously implemented Egnyte’s cloud-based content management system as a replacement for a physical server the team was using for active directory. “We used to have to attach a SonicWall VPN client to home aides’ and office workers’ computers, and Egnyte freed us from that,” explains Koveleski. To digitize their forms, Honor Health kicked off a two-pronged plan that involved integrating Egnyte with Jotform. Jotform embeds forms directly into websites and apps for easy online submission, nullifying the need for paper forms. When a patient, staff member, or job applicant submits a form, Jotform automatically sends the submitted data into Egnyte, where it can be managed intuitively, securely, and efficiently.

“Jotform offers tons of features, like Jotform Tables and Approvals, that really reduce the time it takes people to fill out forms,” comments Kayla. “For example, conditional logic condenses forms based on the answers people enter. When someone enters their mailing address, they can check a box that says it’s the same as their home address, and the home address field disappears. The conditional logic feature can also automatically route an email based on the office of the form filler, which is huge.”

Jotform also enabled patients and aides to complete and submit forms remotely from their mobile devices — a major benefit for a company that largely provides care at patients’ homes rather than in the office. “People can access forms via a Jotform link without needing their own account or login, and fill them out on their personal devices,” Kayla explains. “That way, we don’t have to email forms for people to print out, complete, and fax back to us.”

Once forms are submitted, Egnyte organizes and displays them in a simple folder structure that appears on users’ desktops as a common mapped file drive. This made finding and accessing files easy — even for less tech-savvy users. “If someone wants to see how many people completed a form, they can find the form within Egnyte very quickly and easily,” says Kayla.

It wasn’t just easy to find and access files. Egnyte enabled team members to share files securely as well — a critical capability for a company that handles so much sensitive data. “With Egnyte, I can control exactly who has access to which folders, and disable access at any time,” explains Koveleski. “Egnyte also alerts me to anomalies, like someone accessing a file from outside the country or someone deleting large amounts of data. There are times when we need to provide someone, including third parties, access to PHI, so it’s great to have the visibility to ensure everything is handled properly.”

Benefits: The IT Workflow Necessary for Successful Acquisitions

Since integrating Egnyte and Jotform, Honor Health Network has created efficiencies that have improved the user experience for patients and employees alike. As Kayla puts it: “The office staff is happier because they don’t have to spend time searching through file cabinets for a particular file or chasing people down to correct mistakes. Home aides are happier because it’s much easier to get forms completed and submitted. And the simple folder structure Egnyte provides means we don’t have to give everyone extra training on navigating the backend of Jotform to find files.”

The team has also enjoyed the peace of mind that all stakeholders are able to manage files securely. “Egnyte and Jotform Enterprise in combination are such a powerful force for improving our workflows,” says Koveleski. “Egnyte’s Secure and Govern features help us manage how content is shared, and Jotform’s HIPAA-specific forms allow us to keep tabs on exactly where sensitive HIPAA information is stored. Things are fast, easy, and secure across the board.”

The new workflow has even helped facilitate Honor Health’s continued growth by accelerating the process of applying for jobs there. “Applying to work with us previously involved filling out and signing each individual form in a 20-page packet,” Kayla says. “Now that it’s digitized in Jotform Enterprise, all someone has to do is enter a piece of information once and it replicates across every form where that information is needed. After it’s submitted, Egnyte makes it easy for HR to organize and access each person’s application materials.”

The Honor Health team expects the integrated solution to be a major part of their workflow going forward. “I loved Egnyte right when I saw it, and our CEO did too,” Koveleski says. “And Jotform Enterprise has been absolutely indispensable. Putting the two together is all we could ever ask for.”

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