Platform Architecture

Platform Architecture

Cloud Flexibility with On-Premises Performance

Don’t get “boxed in” to a one-size-fits-none approach. Built for the enterprise, Egnyte’s architecture can flex to meet your business needs, regardless of whether files are stored in the cloud, on-premises, or both. Improve business agility and cost efficiency while increasing security, removing vendor lock-in and maintaining data regulation compliance.

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Platform Architecture - Integrate with storage infrastructure

Extend cloud content to the edge

With Egnyte, teams working on large files – or at remote job sites with slow or inconsistent connectivity – can dramatically increase productivity by using a local storage appliance as their primary point of access. Egnyte automatically syncs back with a centralized cloud repository so remote users can always access the latest version of their files anywhere.

Leverage public clouds

Want to store, archive or access content from one or more of the public clouds (including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud)? Egnyte’s public cloud integrations provide you with the maximum flexibility, control and ease of use. You can even build workflows that sync your Egnyte content to and from different clouds for processing and analysis.

Platform Architecture - Keep work flowing freely
Platform Architecture - Control on-premises and cloud files

Modernize legacy file systems

Preserve past investments while optimizing performance, improving user satisfaction, and lowering costs. Integrating on-premises file servers with Egnyte drastically reduces the money, time, and effort needed to manage and scale content processes. Eliminate the hassles of Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) and transform multiple servers into a single point of administration. Permission replication and file redundancy are built-in, meaning no more backup or disaster recovery expenses.

Meet data sovereignty requirements

Comply with data sovereignty requirements by keeping content in Egnyte’s US/EU data centers or a third-party cloud repository. Centralized trash management makes it easy to customize retention settings and comply with legal hold policies while centralized visibility and control of all company data makes compliance with industry regulations (GDPR, HIPAA, FINRA) simple.

Platform Architecture - Keep work flowing freely
Platform Architecture - Control on-premises and cloud files

Keep work flowing seamlessly

Egnyte integrates with all the most popular collaboration, workflow, CRM, and security tools. Share Egnyte files in Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Slack, or link important documents in Salesforce or Docusign. Increase productivity without changing the workflows your people are accustomed to.

Integrate and extend the platform

Extract user records and related metadata from your Active Directory service into Egnyte. As new users and groups are created or deactivated within your AD, Egnyte will sync these changes. In addition, Egnyte’s API lets you extend content and granular access permissions to any internally or externally developed system. Build apps for custom workflows and content-rich business processes leveraging the full power of Egnyte.

Platform Architecture - Keep work flowing freely

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