Egnyte Storage Connect

Secure access to your content stored on-premises

Egnyte Storage Connect allows secure VPN-less access to files stored behind the firewall, without any files or metadata passing through the cloud. IT managers can leverage their existing infrastructure, maintain all user authentication and permissions, and avoid costly and lengthy data migration to the cloud. Deployed in conjunction with other Egnyte deployment models or stand-alone, Egnyte Storage Connect fulfills your privacy or compliance requirements, ensuring the protection of your most sensitive files. Business users can now access and collaborate with content on-premises from one unified namespace, whether using a desktop or a mobile device.

For IT Administrators

Provide your users access to files on-premises rapidly with your existing infrastructure, avoiding costly data migration, and complying with your security requirements.

  • Access to on-premises content: No VPN needed to grant remote access to content stored behind the firewall
  • Rapid deployment: Connect to your existing file server and Active Directory for unified administration and consistent policies
  • No data migration costs: Leverage your existing data infrastructure
Storage Connect Admin for Unified Administration and Consistent Policies
Archive File Reports

For CSO and CIO

Businesses can meet privacy and compliance requirements for all their sensitive data.

  • Governance: Abide by industry regulations on data protection by maintaining your confidential files on-premises
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance standards are met including HIPAA, FINRA, European Data Directives and many more
  • Audit Logs: Generate a detailed audit trail of what files were accessed and shared in your organization

For Business Users File Sharing and Collaboration

Egnyte Storage Connect allows desktop and mobile users to easily share and collaborate on content stored on-premises.

  • Content sharing with internal and external users: Share private or public links with consultants and clients that are working remotely
  • Collaboration on content behind the firewall: Edit highly regulated documents using file locking and WebEdit
  • Mobile access:Access all your sensitive files and share them on-the-go
Storage Connect Mobile for Business Users File Sharing and Collaboration