Content Governance in the Public Cloud

Simplify the movement of data into AWS and Azure to tap into advanced cloud services, while maintaining unified visibility and control.

Businessperson using computer to securely access content in the cloud

Govern your data in AWS and Azure

Migrating data to the cloud is often plagued by slow access speeds, high costs, and overwhelming complexity in deployment, security and administration. Egnyte delivers real-time file synchronization with Azure and AWS, providing secure access to files at a reduced cost. Deploy in just a few clicks and realize all the benefits of the cloud without the risk and frustration - simple, secure content governance.

Meet customer and country data residency requirements, while maintaining properly governed data in the public cloud.

Reduce costs and adhere to long-term document retention policies by archiving data in low performance, high-capacity storage in the cloud.

Quickly stand up a cost-effective VDI solution for your remote workforce that minimizes file sync traffic and maintains content in the cloud instead of users virtual desktops.

When we made the decision to move to the cloud, we needed a suite of products that would address this. One step was figuring out where we were going to put our files and Egnyte was a good choice for us and very secure. The next step was figuring out where to process all of our work, and Azure became that destination. So for us, it's a matter of getting large data sets as close to a fast processor as possible and being able to scale up or down based on client needs.

Spencer Mains

Head of IT at Environmental Sciences Associates

All-in-One Content Migration, Collaboration
Governance for the Public Cloud

Real-time file access and sharing

Data accessed through Egnyte is immediately available, even for large files and data sets. Get started collaborating and sharing files internally and externally in seconds.

Data syncing at a fraction of the cost

Moving large amounts of data out of the public cloud can be extremely expensive. But with Egnyte Storage Sync only changes are transferred, not the entire file, so the amount of data moved and the cost is significantly reduced.

Screenshot showing connection of Egnyte cloud data to public cloud compute engine

Click to deploy functionality

Egnyte’s Public Cloud Connectors makes deployment in AWS and Azure as easy as a few clicks, reducing the need for expensive experts and manual operations required to get up and running.

Extend the Value of Your Data in the Cloud

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Your Key to Unlock the Cloud

Egnyte Public Cloud Connector accelerates the movement of data to AWS and Azure without losing visibility and control.

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Meet customer and country data residency requirements, while maintaining properly governed data in the public cloud.


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