Egnyte for CMMC

Simplify audit preparedness and establish a secure enclave to store and protect CUI.

CMMC Compliance

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Unified Document Management and Control

CUI Storage and Protection

Quickly deploy an EgnyteGov technically-isolated and fully-managed secure enclave on Google FedRAMP IaaS to properly protect CUI and FCI.

CUI Storage and Protection

Secure Collaboration

Securely share files with external subcontractors and partners, using a centralized dashboard to manage entitlements, access and policies, while proactively detecting for anomalous and suspicious behavior.

Secure Collaboration

CUI Leakage Prevention

Automate the discovery, classification and continuous monitoring of CUI across cloud and on-premises sources, and prevent unauthorized file access with sharing safeguards and granular permissions.

CUI Leakage Prevention

CMMC 2.0 Level 2 Compliance

Automate control artifacts and audit responses using a standardized CMMC framework assessment tool, while a single dashboard tracks your compliance journey.

CMMC 2.0 Level 2 Compliance

Plans for Companies of All Sizes

Egnyte for CMMC

  • Secure enclave
  • CUI discovery and classification
  • CMMC assessment tool
  • Secure collaboration and document sharing
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Popular CMMC Add-Ons

PDF Annotator

Open, preview and markup PDFs directly in Egnyte’s Web UI.

Source Connectors

Mitigate security and compliance risks associated with data stored outside of the enclave.

Smart Cache

Access large files and reduce storage footprint with next-generation hybrid technology.

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