Customer Case Studies

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    Retail Anywhere | PDF

    "The Egnyte Local Cloud on NAS was exactly what we were looking for. Employees in the office can access files at LAN speeds, while the cloud-based storage makes it really fast and easy for our contractors and remote employees to access everything they need, greatly improving the efficiency of our collaboration. And the system continuously syncs with our ReadyNAS, so our data is always available and protected, no matter what happens."
    — Branden Jenkins, CEO of Retail Anywhere
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    Incite | PDF

    "We frequently have employees working offsite with clients or from home, and with employees using a VPN to access their files, our server always acted up. With Egnyte, employees can easily access their files from any device, wherever they are."
    — Sid Simmons, Founder and Chairman of Incite
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    FIRE | PDF

    "Rather than emailing files around, our local and remote employees are sharing files via the ReadyNAS and the Egnyte Cloud. Local employees save their files locally to the ReadyNAS, while those who are remote save them to the Egnyte Cloud. Either way, the files are securely replicated to the other automatically."
    — Robert Shibley, Vice President of FIRE