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Protect your Intellectual Property, Organization, and Employees

Egnyte Protect is a cloud-based smart content governance solution that protects your intellectual property, past investment, and employee and customer privacy. It’s a SaaS Hybrid, which means it can support cloud-based and on-premises storage repositories simultaneously. At the core is the Egnyte Protect Cloud, which handles analysis, monitoring, and connecting to the cloud storage repositories.

  1. Egnyte Protect - where our content governance solution runs with content classification, protection rules, on-going monitoring for real-time alerting and more
  2. Egnyte Connector - reports on-premises content analysis and event monitoring back to Egnyte Protect
  3. Content Repositories - on-premises repositories connect to Egnyte Protect via its hub and cloud content repositories are supported via Public API

Real-Time Content Monitoring with Egnyte’s High-Performance SaaS Solution

High-Performance SaaS

  • Simple and fast deployment so your content protection starts in hours, not weeks
  • All processing happens in the cloud so you never have to buy additional servers and scale as your content grows
  • On-going content monitoring provides real-time alerting to take action rapidly
Egnyte Protect and Connect Works Across Multiple EFSS Solutions

Broaden your control

  • Works across multiple content repositories including Egnyte Connect, SharePoint, and Windows File Server
  • Supports any mix of cloud and on-premises content repositories in a few clicks
  • Add new content repositories at any time thanks to our SDK
Comply with Regulatory Requirements and Retain your Content as Long as Required

Ensure compliance to regulations

  • Guarantee you retain your content as long as required
  • Monitor that there is no insecure sharing for sensitive files
  • Prevent files from crossing logical or geographic boundaries
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