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Egnyte Data Shows 82% of Businesses Are Hybrid-Enabled in 2018

With unprecedented growth of data, larger files, and more distributed workforces, businesses are showing a strong reliance on a mix of cloud and on-premises infrastructure

Mountain View, CA. – February 13, 2018

Egnyte, the leading cloud provider of smart content collaboration and governance, released new research today that shows 82% of businesses are currently deploying a mix of cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Egnyte analyzed over 14 petabytes of data across thousands of businesses worldwide to better understand the trends around the content that is being stored, shared, and collaborated on.

Egnyte’s analysis uncovered a number of trends, including:

  • Businesses have increased their storage footprint by 55% YoY
  • The average file size for all businesses in 2018 is 3.13 MB, up from 2.59 MB in 2015 (20% growth YoY)
  • Video storage increased by 43% YoY
  • The Media & Entertainment industry is averaging over 7.7 MB per file

“We pride ourselves on knowing our customers better than they know themselves so that we can continue to create innovative solutions that help their business grow into the future,” said Rajesh Ram, Co-founder & Chief Customer Officer at Egnyte. “As our customers increase their data footprint with rich content, we are finding hybrid to be a much smarter deployment model for the future of their business.”

Hybrid deployments provide businesses with flexibility, combining the mobility of the cloud with the performance and security of on-premises infrastructure. With over a decade worth of history deploying hybrid solutions for its customers, Egnyte is able to leverage rich data analytics and content intelligence to develop innovative solutions for businesses to optimize their content infrastructure for the future.

To get a copy of the infographic, check out the latest post on the Egnyte blog


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