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Egnyte Launches New Community Platform for Millions of Worldwide Users

Uniting customers and enhancing user experience with gamification, peer-to-peer collaboration, and expert support

Mountain View, CA. – February 1, 2018

Egnyte, the leading cloud provider of smart content collaboration and governance, today announced the launch of the Egnyte Community – a customer focused forum enabling self-service support and peer-to-peer collaboration. The new community will also provide a gamification layer that will connect administrators and other end users with the larger network of Egnyte customers and partners for a more integrated experience. Features of the community include:

  • Discussion forums for authentic collaboration amongst peers
  • Product idea and feature suggestion submission
  • Video tutorials and trainings
  • Help Desk functionalities

By uniting administrators and end users from all over the world the Egnyte Community gives people the opportunity to share their unique use cases and come together to uncover new solutions to complex business problems. In time, the community will become a one-stop shop for anyone looking to get the most out of the Egnyte platform.

“We are very excited to launch the Egnyte Community as an additional tool for our users,” said Ray Polanco, VP of Customer Success at Egnyte. “Doing so will aid in our continued effort to advance our products with an end-user tailored focus, as well as build a secure forum for optimal product usage and collaboration amongst customers.”

In addition to the core components of the community, Egnyte will be using the community to host their interactive Ask the Expert series. The monthly series will host a panel of Egnyte customers and product managers to speak on popular topics with in-depth discussion. Panel members will share insights on product features, use-cases, and updates. Community users will be able be to learn and share successful practices and voice their opinions on how to enhance user experience.

“We are excited for the Egnyte Community launch as a place to create support dialogue, rather than having to file a support ticket,” sand Ryan Dorman, Senior Technology Manager at Lloyd Group. “We look forward to connecting with other end users to discuss individual use cases and identify ways to customize the platform for our business demands.”

The Egnyte Community has been intricately designed with a Superhero theme, giving users rank titles such as Citizen, Deputy, Sidekick, Guardian, and Superhero. Users will be recognized based on their level of engagement and participation within the community, with avid users being able to move all the way to the top rank of ‘Office Hero.’


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