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Egnyte for Google Apps Combines Secure Hybrid Infrastructure with Convenient Collaboration

IT-Sanctioned, Open Solution Facilitates File Sharing Between Google and Non-Google Users, On and Off Premises

Mountain View, Calif. – April 7, 2015

Egnyte, the market leader in Adaptive Enterprise File Services, today announced the general availability of its Egnyte for Google Apps solution in the Google Apps Marketplace. Egnyte provides Google Apps for Work customers with an open architecture to seamlessly move files between the Google Drive cloud and on-premises infrastructure, with the same folder structure and controls, bringing together the best of Google Drive and Egnyte. This new solution provides enhanced flexibility and control for teams to access and collaborate on highly confidential files stored in the company’s corporate data center and from users’ private Google Drive folders, with Google and non-Google users inside and outside of the company.

The solution extends the value of Google Apps’ real-time collaboration by combining it with the granular permissions and management from Egnyte. Through the Google Apps Marketplace, admins can easily set up the integration and then manage permissions (from the Google Admin console or Egnyte) around users, groups, storage and collaboration. Line-of-business (LoB) users can still work from the same Google environment they’re used to with the enhanced features for centralized file access and secure sharing with teams inside and outside of the company. Both IT and business users can also easily move files between the Google Drive cloud and on-premises infrastructure based on different requirements (i.e., sensitivity, file size, bandwidth constraints, optimized performance).

“For customers planning to move file shares to the cloud from their data centers, or for departments that need to stay completely on-premises, Egnyte is the only solution that provides an open architecture for managing files wherever they’re stored, with the same control and structure provided on-premises, without disruption,” said Rajesh Ram, co-founder and vice president of Product Management at Egnyte. “Egnyte’s integration offers Google Apps customers a seamless way to collaborate on 100% of their files, regardless of where those files are stored, how they are accessed and whether or not other users operate in a Google Apps environment.”

Egnyte will be hosting a webinar with its customer Designvox, a design firm that will showcase how it leveraged the Egnyte for Google Apps solution to eliminate downtime with its file server environment and to encourage a user-friendly yet IT-sanctioned approach to enterprise file sharing. As a design firm, similar to others in the Media and Entertainment industry, Designvox shares and collaborates on all types of files (e.g., Google Docs, Google Slides, large video files, and design files) in real-time with clients and teams inside and outside of the organization. This integration is the ideal solution for this fast-paced and competitive industry, and the return on investment and benefits this company has experienced will be discussed during the webinar.

“This isn’t something we do on the side; Egnyte for Google Apps has become the way we work, from start to finish. It increases our efficiency, which in turn makes us that much more valuable to our clients,” said Petrit Rudi, director of Technology and Interactive Experience at Designvox. “Having the ability to access files in a non-confined way has tremendously changed the whole flow of things at Designvox. Whether we are stuck at our houses in a snowstorm or need to access a file at a client meeting via phone, tablet, or computer, the Egnyte for Google Apps solution just works.”

Webinar Details:

The Egnyte-Designvox Google Apps webinar will take place on April 9, 2015 at 10:30 a.m. PDT.


This integration is generally available, and for Google Apps for Work customers, admins can integrate with Egnyte through the Google Apps Marketplace. For more information on the integration, visit here.

Additional Supporting Customer and Partner Quotes:

“It’s such a relief to use Egnyte for Google Apps; there is such a seamless transition from working in the office to working offsite,” said Ali Jewett, designer at Designvox. “Having a solution that is reliable and easy to use makes my job that much easier.”

CloudDNA co-founders Mathieu Corbeil and Claude Savard leverage this solution for their customers. “Egnyte’s hybrid, open platform in conjunction with Google Apps for Work is a huge evolution of the traditional enterprise file service,” said Mathieu Corbeil. “With this integration, we are able to offer our clients the security and flexibility of an enterprise-grade solution, including the complete control of files, whether they’re storing, editing or sharing them in the Google Drive cloud or on-prem, all in a familiar and comfortable environment. Egnyte is a key solution for businesses that are seeking peace of mind, top-notch security, high availability and full mobility.”

“At New Tech Network, our goal is to provide services and support for schools, districts, and communities nationwide to develop an innovative way of teaching and learning. Egnyte understands our mission by providing a platform that integrates with our existing Google domain to not only lower our total cost of ownership but also give us the flexibility and control we need to access, edit, sync, and share our content, including from any location with any device,” said Mackenzie Knight, applications analyst at New Tech Network. “The solution works across all of our departments - Finance, Events, Marketing, IT, Operations, etc. - where they collaborate on different file types including, Office, Excel, PowerPoint, PDFs, photos, videos and software.”

“For Montgomery Early Learning Centers (MELC), Egnyte for Google Apps allows us to easily optimize our on-prem storage investments, on top of our investments with Google Drive, by providing strong administrative control over our files stored across both storage environments,” said Bradley Wind, director of IT at Montgomery Early Learning Center. “As an education organization supporting all children, we appreciate a platform that can incorporate our existing infrastructure and provide our end users with the confidence to securely access and share files inside and outside of the MELC family.”


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