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Egnyte for Google Workspace
Enhance collaboration and productivity for Google users

Enhanced Collaboration and Productivity for Google users

Businesses need flexible tools to help employees stay productive no matter which apps they use. Egnyte and Google enable users quick, easy and secure collaboration with each other. Add advanced security and hybrid cloud capabilities to Google Workplace apps and content stored on-premises.

Versioning and Retention

Corporate Versioning and Retention Policies

Since Google Docs will be managed in Egnyte, corporate data retention policies can be easily enforced.

Creation and Sharing

Intuitive Document Creation and Sharing

Users will be able to start new Google Docs right from within the Egnyte web interface, as well as from the Egnyte desktop app.

Unified Audit Trails

Unified Audit Trails

Egnyte retains records of all document transactions so that admins can record details of who accessed or edited the Docs, when and where they did so and from what devices.

Real-time business collaboration with Google Docs

It also provides access to the most up-to-date information anytime, from anywhere; increasing productivity and efficiency. Egnyte’s integration guarantees security and control over Google Docs content, making businesses smarter and more efficient when collaborating internally and externally.

  • Collaborate with Google users using a single content platform
  • Securely share work in a click with the entire company using shared folders
  • Access Google Drive from within Egnyte

Collaborate securely with Gmail

The Egnyte for Gmail add-on streamlines email collaboration while ensuring content remains secure and compliant. Use the add-on in Gmail to attach Egnyte files to emails or download email attachments directly without having to leave Gmail.

  • Save Storage Space and Time
  • Enhanced Security
  • Eliminate Duplicates and Retain Versions
  • Easily Find Attachments
Collaborate securely with Gmail
Find anything through Hangouts Chat

Find anything through Google Chat

Get work done more efficiently by quickly searching for and locating Egnyte files; without ever leaving Chat. More time is spent collaborating and doing impactful work instead of searching for the right versions of files. It also ensures content in Google Chat is backed by Egnyte’s enterprise-grade security and compliance.

  • Enhance security for sharing links
  • Effortless collaboration
  • Never leave Google Chat

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Announcing: Egnyte for Gmail Integration

Announcing: Egnyte for Gmail Integration

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Check out our App Store

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