Construction Daily Reports

Securely Through Egnyte + Raken

Construction projects are complicated endeavors that involve numerous documents that must be created, organized, filed, and saved. General contractors need to ensure that daily reports are collected and shared with the proper owners.

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Referencing past Construction Daily Reports

Referencing past project data

Raken helps you capture the data captured on the jobsite and turn it into formatted and organized daily reports, which are automatically stored in your Egnyte platform. These reports and all project documents can be easily referenced from Egnyte at any time for future projects.

Cut litigation costs

Raken’s daily reports are complete and accurate documentation of what happened in the jobsite in real-time. Egnyte allows you to enforce data retention policies on daily reports and all project documents, place a legal hold in minutes, and easily find the most relevant documents.

Enforce Data Retention Policies on Daily Reports
Saves Construction Contractors Time and Cost

Save time and money

The two biggest shortcomings in construction are being behind schedule and over budget. Using Raken to track project progress and productivity keeps executives up to date on how a project is pacing to goal. Having all the reports, documents, and data insights stored in Egnyte saves teams time tracking down paper reports and important project documents.

Daily Reports to the Next Level


Share the whole story with updates straight from the jobsite through photos, videos, and notes documenting project progress.


Maintain compliance with a library of toolbox talks, bulk scheduling tools, and digital sign-in sheets.


Keep track of productivity with tools for logging labor hours, materials installed, and equipment on-site.


Gain visibility into the field with real-time insights to ensure projects are on-time and running smoothly.

Curious How Egnyte & Raken Work Better Together?

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Raken Case Study

Raken Case Study

Learn about how Level 10 uses Egnyte and Raken together to streamline their daily reports.

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Raken & Egnyte Webinar

Raken & Egnyte Webinar

From office to jobsite, Egnyte offers construction companies a better way to share files.

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Raken Integration Demo

Video of Integration Demo

With Raken and Egnyte you can automatically sync Raken daily reports, subcontractor reports, and photos to your Egnyte project folder.

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