Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Extract the hidden value out of your legacy data

The Reality of Legacy Data

Getting the most out of your legacy data can be a costly, complicated and time consuming endeavor, filled with operational challenges. In your paper-to-paperless business modernization journey, we can help you decrease time spent on manual data entry, determine what information you should keep, delete or archive, and help you secure and protect your most valuable information.

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From Paper to Paperless

Companies looking to modernize their business data and move from paper to paperless systems may find that the transition can be more difficult than anticipated.

Egnyte's content governance solution helps simplify the process by extracting valuable data from scanned and digitized documents using advanced classification technology like OCR.

This approach helps companies spend more of their time on what matters, whether its reducing manual data entry to minimize the risk of human error, or maximizing the use of extracted data from scanned content and putting it to use to move the business forward.

Finding Hidden Value

There is a significant amount of data that can reside in paper documents. But in this physical form, the data is simply not as beneficial. In order to get the most value, physical data needs to be scanned and classified.

Egnyte's content governance solution helps companies find the hidden value in their data by making sense of the information within digital documents with incredible accuracy.

What once took days to complete, can now be done in seconds. With OCR, scanned images are turned into useable data instantly, providing businesses with immediate ROI.

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Protecting Important Data

Although some may think otherwise, physical data is not necessarily more secure than digital data. In order for physical documents to be sufficiently protected, businesses need to understand the types of data their documents hold.

Egnyte's content governance solution leverages OCR to quickly classify your data and alert you to the types of personal and sensitive information in your scanned documents.

You can then control what matters, confidently deciding what information is most valuable and how much of it you should keep, delete, archive or protect, helping your business to stay secure in the process.

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Egnyte's content governance solution leverages advanced classification OCR technology to make sense of the information within scanned documents and reveal the hidden value of your legacy data, all within seconds, providing you with valuable data that you can leverage in your business.

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