Egnyte’s hybrid deployment, based on our Storage Sync solution, synchronizes file servers to the cloud, keeping two copies of a file in sync between the cloud and on-premises storage. Your users can benefit from the highest performance while enjoying the utmost flexibility.

Storage Sync can be deployed on any on-premises virtualized server or directly embedded on select storage appliances, creating a centralized cloud repository for all of your data, even for a heterogeneous storage environment across multiple offices around the globe.

High Performance from Any Location

High Performance from Any Location

Delight your users, even those in remote offices

  • Eliminate access latency, especially in low-bandwidth remote sites and branch offices (RoBo)
  • Provide fast access to large files by bringing data closest to the edge
  • Reduce bandwidth cost by syncing only the modified portion of the file
Ensure Business Continuity

Ensure Business Continuity

Hedge against the unexpected

  • Maintain file access, even with poor or no connectivity to the Internet
  • Protect your data against unexpected on-premises server or storage infrastructure failures
  • Ensure collaboration inside or outside of the office, regardless of the access method
Simplify and Centralize Management

Simplify and Centralize Management

Manage all your data in a hybrid environment

  • Manage all files across every office through the cloud
  • Gain centralized visualization across all storage appliances in your global network
  • Synchronize selective or complete file shares, as well as permissions across different locations

High-performance universal access

  • Synchronize storage appliances to the cloud
  • Centralize file management across different storage sites
  • Accelerate access to large files at remote sites
  • Ensure business continuity in case of storage failure or connectivity issues